Problems that come up with packaging cannabis

Published Jun 15, 2019 09:22 a.m. ET
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Packaging has increased on a wide scale since the shift in the cannabis culture of marijuana legalization. There are many problems that arise with the packaging of a cannabis product. Many a marijuana dispensary and cannabis manufacturer face common difficulties.

STO Responsible was founded by Sandra and Nicole Elkind. This is a company that provides a market for child resistant and sustainable packaging to many cannabis companies. Proper labelling is necessary. The cannabis industry requires clear packaging. It depends on state regulations. Regulations change from state to state. There are many requirements for labelling packages. Warning labels must be at a certain size. Therefore, a manufacturer or dispensary must keep up to date with State regulations and comply with them.

Also, dispensaries face difficulty with space as well as the shelf life of CBD products. Since there is limited display space, companies may use additional packaging with creative design to be unique and attract consumers. Additionally, for packaging to be child resistant, it must be strong, and children should not be able to open it easily. This may lead to more difficulty when trying to ensure that the product is sustainable and not harmful to the environment. Plastic is mostly used as a child resistant packaging, but it causes environmental problems. Plastic is not easily disposed, and so it can cause waste.

Companies have become more inclined to use packages that are environmentally friendly and safe for children. There are many people who believe that the color of the marijuana flower is a signal of it being environmentally friendly. That may be an interesting assertion, but the packaging of the product must also be safe for the environment.

Some State regulations may require that the area of the growth of cannabis must be separated from the packaging of cannabis. However, other state laws may allow both to take place at the same location. Sometimes, the packaging may be low-quality. To upgrade the cannabis packaging to a higher quality can be very expensive. As a result, cannabis manufacturers should have a sound budget in place to tackle these problems that may arise.


Furthermore, the packaging of cannabis must be associated with a certain function. The packaging must carry a function, especially when marijuana edibles in it. Cannabis package could be very useful afterwards in storing other food products for the consumer. The purpose of cannabis can influence the type of packaging. Cannabis for recreational purposes would require friendly packages while medicinal cannabis may require the packaging to appear serious and simple.

Another problem that may arise is that changes to packaging decision may not be allowed depending on your state laws. Therefore, you should recheck to ensure that you are satisfied with the packaging you have chosen.

Finally, it is important to consider branding when packaging cannabis products. Your packaging is most likely associated with your brand. Therefore, your packaging should depict the details that you want the consumer to know and feel about your brand. Creativity is vital to a long-lasting impression on the consumer.



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