Ontario’s second round of cannabis dispensary license winners

Published Sep 6, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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Congratulations to the winners of Ontario’s second round of cannabis dispensary owners. Fifty retail stores in Ontario will be opening within the next year, and eight of those winning lottery tickets will be located on First Nation reserves. The draw itself was held on August 20, 2019.

The breakdown of the 50 winners by region

  • East region seven stores
  • West region eleven stores
  • GTA region six stores
  • Toronto region thirteen stores
  • North Bay, Thunder Bay Timmins, Kenora and Sault Ste Marie each will receive one store
  • First Nations eight stores

The federal marijuana legalization requirements for being included in the lottery draw

  • standard acknowledgment and a $75 application fee
  • access to capital has been secured
  • provide an address of your proposed cannabis business
  • a bank letter providing access to $250,000 cash
  • letter proving a $50,000 line of credit

Marijuana plants and the products that are produced from them are a hot item, both medically and recreationally. As the roll out for the second round recreational marijuana products is upon us, many are asking if there will be enough of the cannabis plant products to meet the demand.

Already the roll out is not going to be as smooth as some have been led to believe. The implementation will start slowly, and the hope is for all of the second-round winners to be open by December 2019 and have well-stocked shelves.

The emergence of edibles, lotions, and drinks that have medicinal quality CBD infused in them are about to explode onto the market. Surveys indicate that the use of marijuana plants for purposes other than recreational use may exceed the demand for using the marijuana plant for medical reasons.


Benefits of marijuana

The marijuana plant is becoming a well-established medicinal plant. CBD, the non-psychoactive component of marijuana plants provides many good qualities, including:

  • anti-nausea
  • anti-inflammatory
  • pain reliever
  • insomnia assistance
  • muscle cramping relief
  • appetite stimulant
  • hormone regulator
  • anti-stress

Analysts are predicting the legal edible cannabis market, will be generating a stronger demand than the legalization of the dried marijuana plants flower produced. Many cannabis companies are stockpiling the products anticipating a shortage of greater magnitude than when the dried flowers were rolled out as part of the first wave of federal marijuana legalization. The government hopes that the addition of the fifty dispensaries will provide more advantages and avenues to sell government product, which is the dream of many Canadians who silently await an economic boost to a slightly under-producing industry.

The second-round lottery winners are viewed by some to be part of the government's effort to provide a monopoly in the legal cannabis market. However, can the legal dispensaries hold their own against the black market? The fifty lottery winners are counting on that and look forward to providing the cannabis industry with dispensaries that provide regulated, sanctioned, and consistent cannabis products. So, as we wait patiently for the arrival of the legal recreational cannabis second-round lottery winners, the dispensaries are waiting perhaps not so patiently for the new and exciting stock to arrive.

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