Navaya in Quebec is now licensed for cannabis cultivation

Published May 3, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Canada is only the second country in the world that has formally legalized the possession, cultivation, and consumption of cannabis. Included is also the acquisition of marijuana and its by-products, for all citizens of legal age. Quebec, Canada, and Navaya are proud to do their part by providing health and wellness for all through the cannabis plant.

December 2019 saw a partnership agreement with MIMs, who is a Canadian leader in artificial intelligence. Navaya is looking forward to producing the top cannabis strains which will be beneficial to:

  • Stress relief
  • Intestinal diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatisms

The medical aid achievable from these needed strains that Navaya is cultivating is not limited to these health conditions alone.

Looking into the crystal ball

May 8, 2019, is when Health Canada changed the licensing process for cannabis. The new procedure for license applications to enable processing, cultivating, or selling marijuana includes restrictions, like the fact that companies must have an entirely constructed and completed facility that meets the cannabis regulations. Navaya is proud to have met all of the requirements.

Navaya has visions of becoming a leader in the cannabis space and being a predictable business and high brand performance, with the most comprehensive hyper-controlled vertical industrial hydroponic solution within the cannabis market today. Standards are being driven to the highest peak and measures where indoor production is concerned, and this company is committed to long term investments in the development and research department.

The use of artificial intelligence and big data is part of the commitment that the company makes to provide cannabis strains that will maximize production and quality. Navaya is also committed to offering new uses of cannabis that will enrich the lives of consumers. Located in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada, this privately held company secured a Health Canada cultivation license on April 24, 2020.  The company , to provide consumers with what they have promised, including:

  • Premium products
  • High yields
  • Lower costs

How much technology is enough?

The company is moving forward and installing exclusive and comprehensive vertical industrial hydroponic production equipment. This installation will allow for full control over the growing environment. The company sees this technology as a means to provide indoor cannabis production at its highest consistency and standards.

Chief executive officer Mark Stermer believes the company is setting a new standard going forward for all licensed producers. He is looking at sales revenue to be high. He remains confident that Navaya will have an immediate impact on the cannabis industry, despite the dubious place the global world finds itself in with the COVID-19.

Licensing and regulations

A federal license is needed for a company to process, sell cannabis for medical or non-medical purposes, and cultivation. Health Canada requires Navaya to complete two full harvests and achieve approval from each yield from Health Canada before distribution can proceed, but the company expects to begin its first round of cultivation in May 2020. Looking forward, the production facility should be in full swing and meeting all regulations for licensing and cultivation, which means that by early 2022 Navaya will have the capability of producing 100,000 kg each year.

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