Marijuana news highlights from August 2020

Published Sep 10, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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The marijuana news keeps us informed about many products and subjects that are available to the consumer. Some highlights for August include de-scheduling marijuana, federal legalization, and recommending commutations for people serving long prison terms for marijuana charges. August cannabis news does not end there, as many more highlights are noted. Do you remember any of the headlines mentioned here?

Which states made marijuana news headlines in August?

  1. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor wants the immediate decriminalization of cannabis. He has called for immediate decriminalization along with Governor Tom Wolf. It does not go unnoticed that 340 days have passed since the calling for decriminalization. The time has come to contact state representatives and senators, tweeted the governor lieutenant this August.

  1. Mississippi

Mississippi has announced that the secretary of state will hold public hearings on a medical cannabis ballot.

  1. Florida

Florida announced the new rules allowing medical cannabis edibles to be purchased. The agriculture commissioner tweeted this month that Florida residents also deserve to have access to life-changing medical cannabis. The addition of marijuana edibles, tweeted the commissioner, gets Floridians one step closer to
access cannabis in all its forms available today.

  1. Washington

Washington State regulators have warned the public that there has been an increase in scams targeted towards cannabis businesses and employees his month.

  1. Virginia

Virginia State passed bills that stop the police from searching people based on the smell or odour of cannabis alone. This month saw Virginia State enable people to pay cannabis decriminalization fines upfront, an action that is to help stop the bottlenecking of the courts. August month saw the advancement of expungement legislation and a bill filed to legalize possession in this region.

More than local American marijuana news

  • Canadian cannabis news shows us that for the first time in the second quarter of the year, legal cannabis sales have topped the illicit market.
  • Indonesia has revoked a declaration that was previously declared to ensure that cannabis is a medical plant. The agriculture minister is responsible for the change in the position of the plant.

Science News for August

Funding for marijuana research, when analyzed this month, indicates that the studies conducted on the potential for harm from cannabis received about 20 times more support than studies whose direction was on the therapeutic potential of the plant.



New Zealand voters, when polled in August, revealed that 46-39 percent oppose the cannabis legalization referendum.

Canadian August noteworthy items

  • Canopy Growth Corporation has announced the opening of ten cannabis dispensaries in Alberta, Canada.

  • Compass Pathways filed this month to go public. Four years ago, the company was backed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel and Christian Angermayer to explore the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms to treat depression.

Closing thoughts

August 2020 may have been like no other August that has passed. The world has changed, perhaps in part due to the pandemic that has taken hold. Cannabis news has provided people with the changes that cannabis has taken during this time. Clearly, for some, cannabis has been the glue that has held them together throughout these trying times. August has passed, and cannabis news is being recorded as we speak for September, so don’t forget to check back for the latest and greatest information right here at Cannabis.wiki.

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