Luxury CBD products may be the way of the future

Published Sep 6, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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2020 has forced us to make changes in the way that we are doing business. The LMCC, Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference 2020, is scheduled for September 2020. As the conference moves forward into the third year, the outlook is promising amid the overcrowded CBD industry and the deadly COVID-19 virus pandemics impact. The event will combine an in-person and virtual hybrid event that will be held in New York City.

The CBD market has out-smarted many and has proved to be resilient under the exceptional circumstances that are playing out today. Revenues from the CBD market space have outpaced the projections of many companies despite the conditions this year, according to LMCC co-executive director Jonathan Halata. 2020 saw an increase in brand applications up 400 percent from 2019. Co-executive director  Jed Wexler and Halata himself personal test to produce the coveted 28 brand showcase.

What do you get?

If you are one of the promising 28 brands and have cemented a position in the coveted LMCC, then you will be provided with virtual brand showcases. You will have the advantage of giving demo products in real-time during the event, simultaneously in a safe environment, and an in-person appointment only showroom will be provided at Hudson Yards. Each of the LMCC selected brands will be included in the "luxury box," which will be distributed throughout the world attendees. This will directly connect investors, mainstream retailers, and the media.


LMCC was created three years ago, and the sense was that something good was about to happen. Jed Wexler, the executive director of LMCC, reflects on the past and feels that the category has become a global consumer, retail, and civic phenomenon that is just getting started, leaving plenty of room to grow and expand.

Speakers in attendance

Beauty icons Frederic Fekkai and Bobbi Brown will be welcomed to the LMCC as the headline speakers. Both speakers have CBD added to their product line. Bobbi Brown has a new supplement, EVOLUTION 18, and Fekkai is set to roll out and launch a CBD haircare collection.


Brown discovered CBD while living in Colorado, where she has a residence. CBD had an immediate positive effect on calming her everyday nerves.  She noted an improvement in her sleeping along with her ability to focus better. Her product EVOLUTION 18"s "Chill" gummies are her personal go-to. She takes one and sometimes two of the delicious gummies daily. Brown believes beauty and wellness have a partnership of intertwined existence.

The LMCC will host over 30 speakers. Topics will range from investing in cannabis with speaker Mitch Baruchowitz from Merida Capital Partners to Anna Bjrustam from Six Senses Hotel Resorts Spas.

LMCC plans to launch the companies new social impact cannabis dispensary initiative, named Sixty Four & Hope.  An Interesting side note is that out of the nine wellness categories, four of the represented businesses are founded by Black women. Some of the other amazing speakers included in the LMCC Anywhere Lineup as the event is commonly known to include some of the most prestigious pot brands including:

  • Beauty Releaf
  • Black Dahlia
  • Fog & Tree
  • Hatshe
  • Lab To Beauty
  • Love+Hemp

The above brands are only a few of the invited cannabis brands available at the LMCC 2020.

Final thoughts

Reports have indicated more than 3000 CBD brands have the undermined prediction of extinction. However, the outlook today for the CBD industry appears to be promising and steadfastly increasing. The LMCC Organizers are ready to provide an ongoing two-day conference for the cannabis CBD market to not only exist but to flourish.

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