Licenced Cannabis Producers receive backlash about the smell in Ontario

Published Mar 6, 2019 10:42 a.m. ET
Canadian Press, Eduardo Lima

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada there is a multitude of licensed producers rushing to open shop, and that means finding flexible spaces that will welcome growing marijuana. Unfortunately, there seem to be some bumps in the road as many of the currently functioning facilities have already felt with considerable backlash. Not for existing as many might assume, but for smells that permeate through neighboring areas these grow operations are located within. So far most of these complaints have stemmed from locations in population dense cities and regions like London Ontario, leaving those local to the area exposed to incredibly annoying smells daily.

London Ontario

Growing marijuana requires a relatively basic set up including lights, soil mediums, humidity control, nutrients, and air circulation. There are systems called CO2 filters that are currently being used, but the size of the operation changes their effectiveness. Though smaller scale operations have had better luck with managing escaping smells others like one producer located in London Ontario’s west end that has received over 100 complaints to date about the scents causing problems with neighbours. Those complaints stemmed a mass community response to investigate further ways to keep the business in the area while also reducing the stress on its neighbours. The west end location is currently growing marijuana for medical patients and not sold on government websites like OCS.

Pelham Ontario

The CannTrust Niagara Greenhouse has only been in operation since 2018 and has been receiving an average of 50 complaints per month about both pollution and smell. There are several others in the area that is now known as a hotbed for cannabis cultivators including two that provide products for legal dispensaries across Canada and three that are growing marijuana for government websites like OCS. The small community houses 17, 500 people that have all shown concern for the arrival of so many smelly greenhouses in one area. Though the people of Pelham have remained optimistic about the potential for resolve since the addition brought much needed jobs, it is clear that the neighbours aren’t happy with the skunky scents that leak from the facilities.


Mississauga Ontario  

The Green Organic Dutchman is a cannabis cultivator that calls Mississauga Ontario home but also has other locations in Hamilton. Neither of which have received positive feedback from the surrounding areas. This has made expansion difficult for the company that wants to build an additional 30 greenhouses but nowhere that wants to house them.

With cannabis now legal, the industry is booming, and expansion has been swift and unexpected for many who have experienced companies that are growing marijuana moving right in next door. This has prompted many municipalities to entirely opt out from allowing any kind of marijuana growing or selling facilities at all to exist in their area. Though many are eager for well paid work, the hesitation remains and likely will until a reasonable solution is found to cut down on emissions and unpleasant smells from being released. Technology will now have to catch up to accommodate this new and exciting industry if we want to be able to avoid another cannabis shortage in the future.



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