Legacy Products to Legal Businesses

Published Aug 18, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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Even now, more than 3 years following legalization, Canada is still home to hundreds of legacy businesses that are only able to access the illicit market. With years of experience, dedication, personal investment, and top-quality ingredients, it’s difficult for some to understand why this delay still persists, but there are several reasons behind it, and it’s not that these businesses aren’t dreaming about making legal money alongside their licensed competitors.

So much to offer

Legacy producers, growers, employees, and retail stores are still making the transition to the regulated market, and it’s not always an easy task for operators unfamiliar with what it takes to make it here and succeed. Legacy operations can be massive, or they can be small, but they all have a loyal brand following and a winning product that works. Unfortunately, almost every legacy operator lacks some key things to make the leap from the black market like:

  • experience in dealing with regulations and licensing
  • an understanding of compliant packaging
  • safe and tested product/hardware
  • compliant and child-proof packaging
  • access to legal distribution channels
  • compliant product formulations

Filling the gaps

Final Bell helps legacy-to-legal operators fill all these gaps, and there are many great examples out there of brands that are now thriving in legal cannabis thanks to their help. Angelina Blessed is one major success story, launching a small line of health-inspired edibles that just needed a slight push in the right direction before being introduced on the legal market. They also assisted SHERBINKIS, a popular large-scale California brand, come to Canada – by guiding them through all specific regulations and requirements that are much different in Canada than they are in the Golden State.

About Final Bell

Final Bell assists cannabis brands by providing top to bottom supply chain solutions that make it easy for companies to move a great idea to the next level while maintaining the same experience, quality, and products their customers have come to know and expect. With a proprietary, child-resistant packaging line, innovative technology, international co-manufacturing facilities, an extensive history with licensing in both California and Canada, and a full lineup of retail sales services, Final Bell does it all, with confidence, no matter how big or small the client.


About Blessed Edibles

Blessed Edibles Vantures Inc. specializes in edibles, drinks, and oils that are formulated with athletes' needs in mind. Born from a vision of a healthier option and with help from Final Bell Angelina Blessed, brought the company from infancy in the legacy market, to a well-established and trusted position among legal cannabis brands.


SHERBINKIS is a famous California-based cannabis brand with a loyal following that extends all the way to Canada. This renowned creator of luxury pot products aka ‘The Block’ is considered to be one of the most exclusive high-end companies in the world. Despite multiple setbacks and strict regulations, the SHERBINKIS brand with help from Final Bell has come full circle, from legacy to legal, and it’s thriving after broadening its reach to millions of new consumers.

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