Kingston’s west end is finally getting a cannabis dispensary

Published Jun 12, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Midland Ave is getting a brand-new tenant. Kingston’s west end is the site for the first cannabis shop in this area. Is three the perfect number, or will it be three strikes and you’re out?

Who is on the new kid on the street?

Calyx + Trichomes has fought its way through numerous drawbacks, but two unsuccessful lottery draws, and the deadly COVID-19 have not deterred Jennawae McLean. She is excited that she can finally open the doors to her dispensary. McLean’s recreational dispensary is only the third legal pot shop to open in Kingston.

The process

McLean noted that the approval process was relatively smooth going. The process included things like obtaining a Retail Operators License, Managers License, and many other official papers. The Managers License was the most challenging to acquire as it is not as easy to access as the additional licenses that are necessary.

The past careers that she and her partner Lorenzo Eavon successfully operated for eleven years may have had a part in the delay of the required papers. She and her partner came from the deregulated sector of the cannabis industry, so the cannabis activist and partner did not have a spotless criminal record.

She and her partner still kept a positive attitude that they would successfully obtain the needed license. McLean saw many other cannabis activists who were in the same position as she succeeded in the process, and even though some of them may have had lengthier cannabis-related records, they all fought the same restrictions for the right to open up shop.

More delays

The license for opening Calyx + Trichomes has been in place for over a month; however, COVID-19 threw a wrench into their grand opening plans. The government rescinded the Essential Business classification for pot shops adding to the delay of opening her recreational dispensary.  To top that problem off, when COVID-19 blew into our lives, all further construction for the new business was halted, which caused yet another delay.


Brighter green days ahead

Today those hurdles are no longer in her path, and McLean is free to do what she knows and what she has been doing successfully for a number of years. She now has the highest approval to sell weed, as she has been accepted by the Queen herself. Her location may have changed, but the business that she knows so well remains the same. Her new location on the west end is double the floor size she had when operating a business on Princess street. McLean has always had a competitive side to her.


Calyx + Trichomes will continue to serve the cannabis community in the same manner as McLean has been doing for years. Her company will always work to have the lowest prices available for quality products, and consumers will continue to be educated on cannabis when visiting her recreational dispensary.

Delivery service will be offered throughout Kingston, and the drop off arrangement will be free and permitted for as long as allowed. This service will be provided while maintaining the proper social distancing requirements set in place to keep customers safe while we all move through these trying times.

Looking forward

McLean sees nothing but strong demand for her service and hopes that the cannabis consumer will be patient as she and her partner work through the different and new retail environment space of today.

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