Jobs in the Canadian marijuana industry

Published Feb 20, 2019 01:57 p.m. ET

 The legalization of marijuana throughout the world has had a high impact on the job industry. From blue collar workers to starchy white collars, the market for all sorts of skills is open.  Let's look at all the categories of positions in the industry out there.

Let us start with positions in the growing end of the business.

Marijuana Industry Canada

The grower, this person commands a high six-figure salary. The cultivation of various strains of the marijuana plant is under their responsibility.

The greenhouse worker is a needed commodity, although this is a new industry. When it pertains to greenhouse labor, specific knowledge of the growing of marijuana is not necessary. There are many transferable skills associated with greenhouse labor that are in demand.

We use the herb in ways other than the plant form, oils and tinctures are a couple of ways, for instance. This means we need to hire staff that has the knowledge necessary for these procedures. Machines will do the actual extraction, but not without the knowledge of the highly trained technician. This is usually a person with a PhD and can command up to a seven-figure salary. This position has commonly been  named the extractor.

Where would we be without the bud trimmer?  Yes, there is a mechanical aspect to this job, but there are many companies that require hand trimming of their product. The rate of pay is usually 14 – 15 dollars per hour. This can be a tedious job. Often having to work in small pods that can be overheated at times. The clothing that is required can also be restraining.

If you have a product for sale, there will be  a need for a Sales representative. Much like a rep for any business, your duties will include visiting dispensaries and stores. Since many sales positions are commissioned, I see no reason why this industry would not follow the same pattern.

It is mind boggling the opportunities that are available within this industry. Have you thought about being a chef?  This will also be a very needed part of the industry. Edibles will be on the market and in demand. Chefs will be accountable for assuring correct doses to be used in their products.  A five-figure income is easily attainable.

We can not forget the entrepreneur who wants to open their own business. Be prepared for many headaches. It is a relatively new business, and not all the wrinkles are out yet. The salary for an entrepreneur really is limitless. The sky is the limit. Not only that, but this job could theoretically be just one of the many work from home cannabis jobs possible.  

Jobs in the medical marijuana field

There will be many medical jobs needing to be filled. To list a few,we will begin with medical staff to operate the many clinics that have popped up.

Physicians trained in marijuana use and ethics will require more education specific to marijuana use and its benefits. Thereby the need for more educators specific to marijuana and its medical benefits are needed as well. The government will also now need to hire agents that are trained in cannabis inspection. To date, these government agents have been trained in liquor and gaming only.

If your interested in finding a job in the cannabis industry don’t be shy! There’s plenty of opportunity in all sorts of different fields within the industry. Hopefully this article gave you some insight into what kind of jobs you can investigate and research. Don’t be afraid to give them a shot if marijuana is your passion.


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