Jen Grant from London, Ontario, just released a new line of topicals

Published Nov 10, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Jen Grant, a local entrepreneur, and biochemical engineer, used her 15-year track record, knowledge, and background to launch a skin-care line of topicals that uses extracts from hemp and cannabis roots. Grants studies into topicals and CBD cream compositions revealed that not one product on today's market contains cannabis roots. Her products contain no THC or CBD, two of the most commonly known compounds of the cannabis plant, which is why her products can be sold directly to the consumer, unlike other cannabis products that must be sold through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Who is this woman?

Jen is a mother of three beautiful children, and before the launching of her new skin-care line, she was operating a different type of skin-care line. Jen Grant began experimenting with extracts from different parts of the cannabis plant that were not receiving much attention. She worked with cannabis stalks, seeds and roots, unlike the traditional options made of cannabis leaves and flowers already on the market.

During her investigations and studies of the cannabis plant, she discovered that cannabis roots had been used in Chinese medicine traditions for thousands of years. The cannabis roots are rich in the compound friedelin, noted for its anti-inflammatory potentials. Grants' connection with cannabis did not start with her topicals, as she has experience with the cannabis industry through her involvement and ownership of another company that does regulatory consulting for licensed cannabis producers.

Her role is to help companies navigate their way through the rules governing the sale and production of cannabis products. Earlier this year, Canada legalized marijuana-infused topicals. Companies, however, are not permitted to advertise the health benefits of the products they produce. This rule does not apply to the skin-care products that Grant is making at her company, Empyri. Her products do not come under the regulations of the Cannabis Act, which was passed in 2018, legalizing recreational cannabis use.

Spread the news

Jen Grant is currently working with social media influencers to help create the needed buzz that her product requires. She is also in connection with a major retailer to get her products on the shelves of stores. Those products include her line of moisturizers, toner, and cleansers, which are currently available at Health Canada, the countries cannabis regulator, is in the process of approving her line of hemp-infused delicious teas.



Grants' endeavors have not gone without some challenges. As with everyone in the world today, COVID-19 has caused issues in her life and business. She has had trouble sourcing some of her needed ingredients, and her challenges did not stop there, as she has also been banned from doing any form of advertising on Facebook. The hurdles are many when launching a new cannabis project, but her company's start-up and launching will follow through with perseverance and help from above.

Final thoughts

Empyri is a company rooted in science. Jen Grant and her skin care products work, and it’s all thanks to Mother Nature and her natural healing properties that provide soothing radiant skin. The London Ontario female entrepreneur is using her skills to help nourish and heal from the inside out. The three simple principles of Empyri include clean beauty, honoring diversity, and conscious consumption.

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