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Published Aug 15, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET
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April 2015 saw the decriminalization of cannabis in limited amounts. This was also the birth year of Epican Jamaica, a medical dispensary located in Kingston. Knowledge and experience assisted Epican to secure the first cultivation license in Jamaica. November 2017 saw the first license issued for retailing and processing cannabis. The company became the first fully vertically integrated cannabis company located in Jamaica, which allowed them to maintain control of the product from cultivation to the delivered product.

Epican's mission is to help establish an international standard for the cannabis industry globally. The purpose is to deliver a consistent, safe product that respects the health of local people and the respect of the environment. Epican provides topicals, oils, and herbs of the most exceptional qualities.

Blue Mountains

The famed Blue Mountains provide the perfect cultivation requirements for producing high-quality Ganja. July 14, 2018 was when the doors of this dispensary officially opened in the capital city, Kingston. Providing products for consumers to use and enjoy.


Kaya is the birth child for Jamaican medical cannabis in the Caribbean. The wellness-focused dispensary was created for learning the history of Ganja, how it’s grown, and its acceptance in social settings. Kaya Herb House is located in Ocho Rios Jamaica in St Ann Parish. Kaya offers herbs and straight from the organic farm extracts, and they also provide juices from their Café. You are welcomed to bring your medicinal license, or you can use the services of the doctor on the premises.

All the herbs grown at Kaya farms are organic and mix the ancient knowledge of ganja cultivation with the innovative techniques of today, producing high-quality herbs, able to hold their own in the world cannabis market. Kaya's philosophy is in the belief that knowledge can change the stigma that is still attached to the cannabis plant. Kaya is steadfast in promoting the benefits and heritage of Ganja today. The strains available at Kaya are categorized by the most active Sativas’ to include the most lethargic Indica, producing a balanced strain noted for its flavor and effects. The perfection of the elements needed for the best Ganja is here at Kaya, making the company an 18-time Cannabis Cup winner for the strains they have available. Kaya promises that there are more amazing strains to follow.

·         Currently, Kaya provides Cannabis Sativa: energetic, creative and friendly

·         Cannabis Hybrid is delivering the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa

·         Cannabis Indica will give a sleepy mellow, and carefree experience.

Look for these fantastic Sativa strains

·         Golden Back Gorilla

·         Bali Hai

·         Flo


·         Island Girl

Enjoy these wonderful hybrids

·         Jamaican Skunk

·         Grape Escape

·         Gorilla Glue #4

Some Indica’s worth a second taste

·         Sting-A-Ling

·         Unruly

·         CBD Jah Cures

More on Kaya

The creation of Kaya was to help spread knowledge and information about the properties of this fantastic natural green herb. Ganja’s creators are inspired and motivated to provide enjoyment and good health to their customers. The Kaya Farm is based on the concept of being one with nature. The farm is open for daily ganja tours where you will learn the organic process and the traditional ganja cultivation process. The award-winning labs will be part of the educational journey supplied by Kaya. The blessed land is fortunate to have the fertile soil and nutrient provided by nature to encourage the healthy growth of Ganja. The natural aspect of the farm is enforced with the watering of the plants from natural springs, which helps to preserve resources.

The Kaya dispensary is more than just a dispensary. The purpose of the business is to provide a holistic approach to medicating. The strategy is to teach consumers about Ganja from start to finish, from seed to product through organized tours. The Kaya café will provide the needed answer to the munchies. The café serves the delicious Marley Coffee.  Juices available include 100% carrot juice known as, For Your Eyes Only.  Lucky Seven is a Beet, Carrot Pineapple Apple, Orange, Lemon, and Ginger Mix. They also carry a Drink Your Salad juice, that uses the combination of cucumber, celery, lettuce, lemon and ginger for a mouthwatering juice.  Included in the menu, are delicious authentic Jamaican/Italian style munchies.

So, the next time you are in Jamaica and are looking for an educational tour with the benefits of enjoying the beautiful sun-blessed Ganja that the island produces, stop by Kaya and ENJOY

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