Is weed cola coming to your corner store?

Published Mar 15, 2019 01:30 p.m. ET

Canada proudly became one of the first industrialized nations to legalize cannabis for adult use recently. The Farm Bill became law, signed by President Trump legalized hemp and CBD that is hemp-based. These events and more like them sure to come, should indicate that marijuana is a valid legal business in the free world.

Coca-Cola has shown an interest in the infusion of CBD beverages. Coca-Cola does not want to make the same mistake they made in the past. They missed the boat with the emerging of the energy drink phenomenon and are carefully watching the emerging CBD infused drink market.

Currently, Aurora Cannabis Inc and Coke both, in separate statements acknowledge their interest in infused drinks. The merging of these two huge companies would be the first step for non-alcoholic beverages to hit the cannabis-related products available today. We might see a Weed-Cola as of yet.

Molson also has an interest in the infusion of marijuana to their beverages. They partnered with a Quebec based weed producer, HEXO Corp. Theirinterest is to make a non-alcoholic weed beverage that is beer based and will be available for the Canadian market.

What is in these cannabis drinks?

The cannabis industry can infuse beverages such as Coke with either THC, CBD or a combination of both. CBD, which contains no psychoactive qualities, but does have many health benefits will be infused into the drinks. THC does contain the psychoactive components, the idea for the future if THC is used, will be infused beer that is de-alcoholized. The infusion of CBD will not be felt in the ability to give you a “high,” but in relieving anti-inflammatory and mood.

The taste of this beer will depend on the flavor of choice. Beer infused with CBD will taste like your regular alcohol beer. The flavor could incorporate the fruity end of the flavor spectrum. The cannabis-infused popular drink in the United States is the Happy Apple; this infused drink tastes like true apple flavored beverage.


Coca-Cola is looking to interest consumers who prefer not to smoke, vape or drink alcohol. Cannabis infused Coke-Cola beverage is an option. Smoking and vaping can affect the health of a persons’ lungs.

Marijuana is legal in all of Canada. However, we must wait till April 2019 for the edible side of the legalization of Cannabis to take effect.

A survey conducted by Health Canada in 2017 indicates that 3% of cannabis users consume cannabis in a liquid form. This number has grown, and the Coca-Cola company is ready for the cannabis cola phenomenon.

To date, Aurora Cannabis is not involved in dealings with Coca-Cola, so they say, they are however likely waiting in the wings to see the path that cannabis-infused beverages are taking. The legalization for edibles to be sold in April in Canada will prove to be an interesting market. Will it be Coca-Cola or will they have lost again by being too late at the party? Just wondering and while I’m doing that, I will enjoy a nice cold bottle of Coca-Cola with my joint. Maybe someday we’ll be able to drink a weed Coke or weed cola.

Remember to indulge responsibly an enjoy!



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