Indigo is set to enter the cannabis accessories market

Published Feb 16, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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There is nothing like a trip to a great bookstore with a coffee and the time to find an excellent read. Well, imagine going on the hunt for the perfect book and being able to order up some cannabis lotion. This is now a reality, and we are so excited. I love the fact that this bookstore chain sees that the newly legal cannabis industry is not going anywhere and that it has space everywhere.

Indigo has a long list of things available for purchase, including a vast array of great books about cannabis cooking, growing, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. By introducing cannabis accessories to the list, they are showing the average non-puffing person that yes, cannabis is here to stay and that it might be time for them to learn a little about it.

Some of the products found in-store and online

At Indigo, you are not going to see a bong or pipe for sale, but you will find some other great products. This is an excellent way for them to make marijuana a part of every day of the shopping experience. Since you are probably wondering now what they do have to offer, we thought you would enjoy a list of some of the unique products you can find at an Indigo or Chapters location near you.

  • Dream cream is full of cannabis seed oil and its a lovely product to add to your nightly routine.

  • Dew morning is an uplighting and delightful way to start the day. Full of top-grade cannabis seed oil.

  • The botanical cannabis essential oil JoJo roller is a fantastic lip balm and will leave your lips luxurious.

  • A high beauty value kit is a great gift idea that comes with high beauty moisturizer and cleansing foam.

  • In conclusion

    Indigo has many great products that induce a feeling of relaxation and influence the customer to open mind through all-natural beauty care. There also have many great books about marijuana in this store, and we can’t wait to see the next cannabis products they introduce to this superb chain. It would be nice to see some glass pipes and papers or maybe even a bong or two. Some Cannabis-infused chocolate bars would certainly go nicely with a great book.

    There are just so many things of great value that could be put on the shelves of Indigo, although we are a little surprised that we haven't seen any hemp clothing from them yet, as there is so much on the market of great value. It is very inspiring to see such a great chain having cannabis accessories for sale, and it gives some hope and guidance for other well-known stores to follow suit.

    We know we are going to be loyal customers to this great place.  The industry is moving ahead very fast, and it is refreshing that the recognition is coming from everywhere Considering that it was not long ago that the thought of an Indigo bookstore having any accessories that involve cannabis seemed like a very far fetched and out of reach, but here we are. Reading and writing about it, and that is what dreams are all made of.

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