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Published May 11, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cooking with weed has evolved from the chocolate weed brownies of the past. Today gourmet chefs including top-shelf herb in the preparation of delicious food. An expert matchup of mouthwatering cannabis-infused food paired with a wine to compliment your food choice is a cannabis lover's delight. The cannabis restaurant is becoming a more frequent sight throughout areas where it is now legal. Perhaps there is a cannabis café coming to an area near you. Check out some of these worth mentioning places to indulge in a delicious, infused meal.

Cooking with weed has been an inaccessible craft to many due to the legality of weed where they live. Laws regarding the legality of cannabis are changing all over the world as more countries are seeing the benefit of medical and recreational weed use. As more cities are adopting the cannabis café venues, more chefs are honing their skills to include cooking with weed.

Thursday Infused

If it's an exclusive adventure into cannabis-infused food that you are looking for, then Thursday Infused could be perfect. The restaurant is only open once every few months. Jamie Evans, the leader of this cannabis restaurant, picks a special Thursday to treat his guests to an all-inclusive weed meal that is paired with some of the best wines from around the world.

The restaurant employs a team of rotating chefs who have mastered the craft of cooking with weed. There is no fear of the dreaded greening-out syndrome that some have experienced when combining alcohol and weed. Jamie Evans, aka the Herb Sommelier, is a known expert at the art of pairing wine and cannabis skill that ensure that your body is in his good hands.


Located in Amsterdam, this cannabis restaurant will serve you an eight-course THC-infused meal. The balance between psychoactive effects and flavors is artfully matched. Before the dinner is actually served the dishes, have been tested individually. However, you will be the first to experience it all combined together. The main ingredients of hash and weed used in the cannabis restaurant are sourced from around the world.

If you have a low tolerance to THC, then this cannabis restaurant may not be the best choice for you with its many potent choices. The cannabis restaurant also offers delicious legal magic truffles. Truffles are milder than magic mushrooms and, when paired correctly with cannabis, facilitate a perfectly balanced meal. However, remember the golden rule of go low and slow while treading down a new path on the green road.

Connoisseur Series


Chef Coreen Carroll leads the Connoisseur Family cooking with weed experience in a small upstairs dining area. Chef Coreen creates a perfect balance of infused food, ensuring that all of her guests have an enjoyable dining experience. She begins her evening by serving her guests high doses of CBD to offset their soon-to-be-delivered THC doses. San Francisco is home to one of the most incredible cannabis restaurants in the world. The Chef’s combination of CBD, THC and incredible dishes make this a must-visit cannabis restaurant when in San Francisco.

Arcane Revelry

Los Angeles is home to this amazing cannabis restaurant, combined dab bar, tasty meals, and massages, which were relocated from Portland. The cannabis restaurant  specializes in THC and CBD and combines the two to ensure a perfect balance without getting too high. 5-10mg of THC is the level of cannabinoids in the average dinner. To get a table at this cannabis restaurant, you’ll need to sign up to the establishment's mailing list. If you are lucky, you will receive an invitation to this magical dining venue.

Pop Cultivate

If you are looking for a strong THC-infused cannabis dining experience, then you might want to check out the perfect dining experience created by Chris Yang. The venue does not serve alcohol, but you are welcomed to bring your own. One should take note the cannabis café serves higher than normal doses of THC. Pairing food with alcohol could be dangerous and unpleasant. Most meals include servings of 35 to 50 mg of THC. The venue is simple and usually held outdoors, so guests can enjoy a beautiful star-filled night.

Final words

Good food, cannabis, and loving friends are a winning combination no matter where in the world one is. Combining cannabis in your food is a healthier way to enjoy the cannabis plant. Chefs around the world are stepping into the very competitive realm of cooking with cannabis. Hopefully, if your travels take you near one of these cannabis restaurants, you’ll get the chance at a personal invitation to partake.

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