Illinois dispensaries are already rationing cannabis

Published Feb 11, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Oh, the people of Illinois are happily stoned as they have almost cleared out the dispensaries while spending a whopping 10.8 million dollars on some excellent Kush and other products. This left the dispensary owners in a bit of a bind as they don’t want to have to turn away customers during this little gold rush.

So, what’s going on?

It seems that state regulators have sent out a letter to all the dispensary owners in the region to inform them that they have an investigation going on in regard to suspicions that owners may be getting more than 40% of their weed from the same grower. So, this is a law? Yes, it is this rule, and it was put in place to help prevent stockpiling cannabis from a single grower to make sure that owners are playing fairly.

A little more then a week after recreational pot went on the market, a letter went out stating that they understood some violations are going on. It is set up so that all owners get the opportunity to have the same strains of quality weed on their shelves as that gives everyone a fair chance concerning competition. Just like all grocery stores carry milk and bread from many of the same companies, the legislation is pretty much the same. So, with these suspicions floating around, they consider that an antitrust issue.

The fact that it is known that the medical supply of cannabis has dwindled quite quickly is of great concern. We do not know which dispensaries are presumed to be in violation, as that may be confidential information. They want to be sure that patients receiving medical marijuana can access their medication with ease.


These claims have not been proven. The goal isn’t to assume that all dispensaries are playing games, and it is highly unlikely as they are businessmen and women and are in a legit business venture, so why would they risk that? Chicago was forced to shutter doors due to lack of product, but it is believed that it is not a lack of product, but a lack of people that are licenced to produce marijuana and that can most definitely cause supply issues.

The Illinois marijuana struggle is a disappointment to the consumers, and there needs to be some happy medium laid out so that new customers are not paying the price for other people's mistakes and or wrongdoings.The reality is they are bound to find a solution to the issue at hand, and when they do, things will run much more smoothly then they have.

Most still hope that dispensary owners are on the right track and that protocols are being followed. We have come way too far in the fight to change laws and be sure that everyone can have the choice, whether it be for medical reasons or just solely for the enjoyment of smoking a joint. We genuinely do not think anyone will do anything to jeopardize that, as the dispensary owners are part of the fight for the right to have recreational weed. This one too shall pass. We just a little ironing out to do before things are all aligned, so have no fear the refer man is not going to disappear anytime soon.

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