How well paying are jobs in the cannabis industry?

Published Jun 20, 2019 09:30 a.m. ET
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The cannabis job market is growing like a weed. The job openings in this sector of industry have more than tripled in the past year. Cannabis dispensaries searches of hiring agencies have more than quadrupled, the interest is there, and the market is a candidate market, more than an employer market.

Employment agencies are finding it challenging to hire people who have experience working in this market, and it is a new avenue. However, the agencies are quick to point out that many skills are transferable and can be incorporated in this new business sector. Growing marijuana requires some of the same skills as growing any horticulture or greenhouse venture.

Some of the positions that are available in the new emerging cannabis business include:

• Quality Assurance in the food manufacture field has transferable skills. Working under strict guidelines from Health Canada also applies to growing marijuana and manufacturing products derived from the cannabis plant.

• Budtenders this position is the second most listed position when hiring for jobs in the cannabis industry. This position is needed at private cannabis dispensaries or Government-owned corporations depending on which province you are in

• Growing, cultivation, and production of growing marijuana, there is more need for cultivators when this part of the cannabis industry cycle comes into play

• Marketing and sales will be a critical sector for the cannabis industry. The products and names of companies will need to be introduced to more prominent retailers, this is a forward move, from marketing the small cannabis dispensaries, and head shops.

So, who is the ideal candidate that the employers are looking for in this new business venture? The employment agencies are looking for people who can work in a fast-changing environment, who have transferable skills and are looking for candidates that want long term employment. The fast-paced industry is like no other as far as trying to fill positions that are available in all aspects of the cannabis industry. There is an abundance of positions that are needing to be filled, and the cannabis industry is hungry for staff.

The cannabis industry does not only need people to show you how to buy weed, that being the budtender, but the dynamic, exciting cannabis industry is also promising to be a prominent growing business sector. The entrepreneur who is starting on the bottom floor has an excellent seat for a ride quite like no other. The cannabis job market is abundant and is looking for people to fill the positions.

• CEO average salary of $285,000 this is the average salary of the top 5 cannabis companies

• Cannabis Dispensary Manager $68,000 running a retail cannabis shop for either medicinal or recreational the skills needed involve constant monitoring of local laws that will apply to the dispensary

• Edible Producer: $46,500 this position is also known as the cooks of the cannabis industry

• Budtender: $32,000 this is the person behind the counter who assists you in how to buy weed and acts as an advisor/councilor, cashier and educating shoppers on the product that the dispensary carries

• Security Workers: $34,300 a necessary part of the hiring chain for the cannabis industry and is used in many aspects of the cannabis industry

• Bud Trimmer: $29,600 this is an essential part of the harvesting process and is not the easiest of jobs but does not require a degree to be considered for hiring

If you are looking for a career change, perhaps now is the time for fulfilling your desires of getting in on the ground floor of an industry and growing along with it while reaping the benefits. The pay scale is about average when comparing it to other positions in the job market.


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