How to effectively advertise your cannabis business

Published Sep 16, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Running a cannabis business is one of the most fulfilling jobs out there. You’ve got an incredible amount of human interaction, the chance to engage with folks who are proud that your services exist, and you can make a whole lot of money doing it. It’s a labor of love that’s far more complicated than helping people who are buying weed because of the many rules and restrictions that exist, many of which make it insanely hard to advertise efficiently.

Cannabis advertising is allowed, still, many televisions and radio networks refuse to touch it because in the United States, at the federal level, it’s still an illegal substance, which can cause problems for companies that are located there. However, where there is a will, there is also a way, and we’ve got several avenues that can help you to get the word out there about your cannabis business.

Free samples

Buying weed can be a huge commitment for some consumers, and that’s why so many will keep buying the same thing even though there could be something bigger and better just around the corner. It’s easy to settle for what you already know works, and most won’t change their minds or purchasing habits unless they’re given a good reason to do so. Free samples can help to break this pattern by exposing customers to strains and products they wouldn’t otherwise have tried, which is why it’s an excellent way to advertise.

Social media

Everyone is on some kind of social media platform these days, and though some platforms like Facebook have strict rules against cannabis business advertising, there are many others like Twitter, Instagram, and Jadeo that don’t censor content. All you have to do is pick one or two of them, post semi-regularly, and engage with those who are listening, and in no time, you’ll build up a fan base that will be more than willing to see what you have to offer.

Vehicle stickers

Giving away a bunch of free pot products would be nice, but of course, not all cannabis businesses can afford this, and that’s ok because there are many other amazing ways to advertise without it. Stickers cost only a few cents each, especially if you order them in bulk, and bumper stickers in particular with fancy colours and designs are an in thing these days. So, if you really want to advertise, then an affordable way to start would be by handing out bumper stickers to your most loyal customers with every purchase.

Word of mouth

We have all kinds of different ways to find information these days, as we’ve evolved past yellow pages and dived right into the digital age. Still, there is no better cannabis advertising than word of mouth because people trust what their friends and families have to say more than anyone else. This is why some cannabis businesses will offer discounts for referrals or recommendations, a move that costs almost nothing while drumming up a bunch of new interest.


If you've got a variety of skills, services or products to show off, then why not film it all and then upload the video to YouTube? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to monetize on your views because adult content isn’t treated fairly there, but if you’re looking for effective cannabis advertising, it’s a great way to go! Let people visit with you and learn from the comfort of their homes, and they’ll be drawn right in. Plus, this can give you a name outside of your locale, which is great if you ever want to expand your horizons.

Personal use (of products)

A lot of people find generic cannabis business advertising cold and unconvincing because there’s far too much money to be had from lying, but if you’re willing to put your face and reputation on the line by showing off what you’ve got in your day to day life, you’ll be sure to reel in a few new customers. Smoke your own products and always have a device on hand to garner extra attention, and the time and money you spend doing it will definitely pay off in no time.


Everyone likes free cannabis gear, products, and merch, which is why a giveaway or contest might be the best way to advertise a green business. If you make coming a requirement to take part, then people from all over will travel to see you, even those who never would have otherwise come this far for green services. You’ll garner attention from potential customers and those who might not shop with you, but even they will tell their friends all about the experience, and that’s a good thing for you.


One of the best forms of advertising for a green-related business is an established presence at all of the classiest, most well-known events because everyone will be there! You’ll find regular everyday people, investors, educators, advocates, CEOs, and anyone else in between, and simply being in attendance could be enough to open up whole new opportunities. Whether you’re looking to spread the good word or to make a few bucks in sales, this is where every cannabis business owner should be.

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