How to become a certified ganjier

Published Aug 2, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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Legalization has led to a slew of new job opportunities, with the most popular role being the liaison at cannabis dispensaries who works directly with consumers and products on a regular basis. Technically, this job position doesn’t require much in the way of education, despite the fact that most customers expect them to be well versed in the plant and its many offerings, creating a disconnect that leaves some shoppers feeling unheard, ignored, and unhelped.

That’s where ganjier training can really come in handy, as it provides all of the skills the average budtender and their clients could benefit from having.

What is a ganjier?

A ganjier is someone with the expertise to serve customers as a cannabis sommelier. The wine, beer and cigar industries all have sommeliers or catadors, while coffee has cuppers. These professionals all boast an intimate understanding of the industry and its many products. Most ganjier training prepares students by working on their ability to assess everything from appearance to aroma and effects, while others take education a step further delving into topics like terroir and terpenes.

How ganjiers can help people

Having a comprehensive knowledge of the plant, its complexities, nuances, and characteristics is an amazing gift that can help you to teach others while guiding them through the process of choosing from thousands of different cultivars and products. For that reason, budtenders are typically the first in line to get certified, as it can make their job easier while improving their customer service experiences. However, they aren’t the only ones who could benefit from taking a ganjier certification course.

Who should consider certification?

Budtenders may advance their career and increase their likelihood of being considered for future professional opportunities. However, this information is invaluable to just about anyone who enjoys the plant. Whether you’re a grower, processor, greenhouse worker, educator, doctor, caregiver, consultant, medical patient, or just a regular everyday consumer, expanding on what you already know is only going to do great things for your relationship with the plant, and personal experiences.

Why cannabis companies hire ganjiers


You might be thinking that if you could be eligible for one of these jobs without paying extra for certification, then why would you want to go the extra mile, but the truth is that cannabis dispensaries want to provide the best experience possible for their clients, and there’s nothing that can do that better than a budtender who truly knows their stuff. With the legal industry still so new, and a lack of standard available education for ganjiers, it’s not surprising that so many have been hired without it, but as time goes on, cannabis brands and dispensaries are likely to want more for their stores, so having this training can only mean good things for securing your place in this industry.

How to become a certified ganjier

If you want to become an officially accredited sommelier then you’ll need to find a course that will take you there, and since there is no standard in education, no two are equal, so researching and looking out for certain qualities is always important.

  • Find a reliable education facility (preferably a college or some other trusted name)

  • Look for hands-on training, because you’re going to get less out of this experience if you aren’t working with experts and teachers directly

  • Go with trusted names
    Once you find a course that checks all of these boxes, it’s time to save some money, register, and get started!

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