How the cannabis industry is modeled like the fashion industry

Published Apr 5, 2019 01:39 p.m. ET
Canadian Press, Darryl Dyck

Now that marijuana legalization has taken effect on such a mass scale it makes sense that so many large-scale companies would be vying for the best way to sell cannabis products. The most significant barrier that is currently being faced by marketing specialists is some of the strictest regulations that many areas with access to legal weed like Canada have put in place to keep cannabis related marketing as far away from alcohol as possible. In response to these rules, there have been some pretty creative ideas that focus on luxury, health, and elegance which are similar to those used in the Fashion Industry to make products so appealing to new and more wealthy consumers. These are just a few examples of the unique marketing strategies being used to sell high end products to consumers everywhere.

Luxury weed edibles

Hermes of Marijuana is just one company looking to cash in on a luxury weed product line of their own and have already revealed big plans to introduce a jewelry inspired edibles menu. From cannabis-infused candy, coffee, and mints, to edible pastilles for a potent but direct dose of either THC or CBD. Everything is packaged and displayed in reusable cases that are both pretty and discreet offering a more elegant feel than your typical dispensary edibles line up. All of their items are made using the purest ingredients including luxury dark chocolates, nuts, and all natural preservatives resulting in a delicious and healthy dosed treat. Product pricing can range anywhere from $20-$500 which is certainly pandering to higher classed buyers. Defonce Chocolatier is a specialty chocolate maker who has been a long-time runner on the cannabis scene offering potent edibles that are individually wrapped in a sleek grey wrapping for visual appeal and freshness.

Luxury weed

Quest is a British Columbia based bud producer that has also marketed itself based on appearances just like the fashion industry. Quest cultivates what they sell as premium bud inside of ten strictly controlled and regulated grow rooms and describes its local as cannabis country a selling point meant to bring tourists from miles for an experience similar to what you would expect from a tour through wine country. A beautiful and picturesque landscape that is professionally presented as an upper-class experience. Quests on-site vault contains thousands of marijuana seeds from some of the rarest strains in the world which will slowly be released and crossbred over the next 10 years to produce designer strains that are expected to sell for anywhere from $15 per gram to $100 per gram.  


Cannabis and the fashion industry

Marijuana is expected to be a significant driver in the fashion industry over the next few years as many companies have already rolled out designer cannabis, clothing, and CBD products. Not long ago the typical stoner apparel one could expect to find for sale in any head shop would be bright, colorful, and often quite tacky to the average consumer. These manufacturers have teamed up with hemp growers to create more stylish and expensive dresses, shirts, jeans, hoodies, hats, mittens, and more that look more like something that just came off a runway than you would expect to find from products with an association with cannabis. One designer clutch style handbag embroidered with deep green marijuana leaves from Barney’s costs $600, and that’s considered one of their more affordable options. A long way from the rainbow Bob Marley hoodies that used to be a centerpiece in the cannabis industry.

Though there are some apparent differences between the two, it is clear that cannabis companies are looking for ways to make the purchasing experience as clean, enjoyable, professional, and classy as possible using some of the most advanced technology the cannabis market has ever seen. It will be interesting to see just how well this idea sticks, and how customers feel about paying more for a name brand product with a fancy twist vs. regular marijuana from a typical dispensary or dealer. So far, the most elite are having a blast in the industry, but the hope is to cater to new consumers who may have a negative opinion on the current stereotypes surrounding stoners.



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