How more and more women are getting involved in the cannabis industry

Published Jul 4, 2019 01:17 p.m. ET
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Marijuana legalization has provided the avenue for many new businesses to emerge in the market. Some of these new businesses are established by women. These females are making history in the cannabis industry. Women are becoming business owners by establishing businesses in the industry. Also, women are getting more and more involved in cannabis research and advocacy.

About 36% of entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry are women. According to a survey conducted by Marijuana Business Daily, women occupy about 63% of the top positions. In contrast 5% of women are able to get CEO positions in other areas of business. The cannabis industry provides a lot of opportunities because it is in its early stages. The usual barriers that restrict women from leading businesses are not as prevalent as yet.

For instance, Nancy Whitman, co-owner and founder of Colorado-based cannabis company, said that there weren’t many limitations on her entry into the cannabis business. It was not expensive to get a license, and the number of licenses was not limited in Colorado. The infused gummies that the company sells are popular in Colorado. The business is successful.

Also, many women in the cannabis industry were in other male-dominated industries. Chief Executive Officer of New Frontier Data, Giadha Aguirre De Carver said that she came from industries such as banking and technology which were make-up dominated. She stated that there isn't much resistance in the cannabis industry. Also, she said that she does not face problems in her business because she is a woman.

Diane Czarkowski is the co-founder of cannabis consulting firm called Canna Advisors has also found the cannabis industry verticals receptive. There are many opportunities for women. It is a new type of industry with many branches. She also believes that the industry can benefit significantly from the influence of women in healthcare and social justice. Women have a reputation in those fields.

When more businessmen start investing in the cannabis industry, then there may be a shift in the industry being male dominated.

Additionally, Senator Gillibrand has a plan to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. She believes people should have freedom of choice as to whether they want to use marijuana. She intends to tax recreational marijuana. The revenue from the tax would go towards the repair of damage caused by the War on Drugs. Tax revenue from medical marijuana would be used to fund cannabis research.

Furthermore, Sweet Jane is a cannabis magazine that is launched for women. Due to the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, many women are concerned to know the benefits of marijuana use. The magazine will focus on many topics such as cannabis research, health, advocacy, among many others. This magazine will open more opportunities for women who want to enter the cannabis business while it is providing women with information about the positive effects of cannabis.

Finally, the cannabis industry is attractive to women. More and more women are getting involved in the industry since there are little limitations in the industry regarding women.


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