How CBD could be beneficial for students (at the college level)

Published Jul 25, 2019 12:29 p.m. ET
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College students have stress; college years are perhaps the most significant time in a young person life. Stress, however, seems to accompany the student from the time they enter college to graduation.

CBD, the nonpsychoactive ingredient found in the marijuana plant has qualities that can help to relieve stress.  There are a wide variety of health and medicinal benefits from CBD that can assist the student through the course of their schooling.

CBD has the benefit of assisting our endocannabinoid system (ECS). CB1 and CB2 receptors are located throughout the human body's nervous system and are an intricate part in the regulation of moods, inflammation, sleep, and the response to pain that we all have. Using CBD products help to stimulate the student's body to utilize its cannabinoid receptors paving the way to many health benefits.

Some  of the problems that college students  have, and can use  CBD oil or other CBD products to help in the control of include:

Test anxiety
This is common among college students. The fear of achieving a good grade can cause anxiety, which is often expressed in the form of your mind going blank. The studying you did before the test has disappeared from your brain, or so it seems. CBD can help to relieve those nervous feelings. Anxiety will be alleviated, and you will have a clearer mind and the ability to complete the test.

Sleep issues
Sleep provides the time needed for the body to repair itself. One of the main functions of our ECS is to promote sleep. Often the college student has many hats to wear, the student, the extracurricular, and the job hat, often come before rest and sleep. CBD products are taken before bed; perhaps in the form of CBD oil, it will help to promote a healthy, positive sleeping cycle.

Social anxiety
Speaking in front of a class can cause extreme anxiety. The relaxing and calm qualities that CBD products can provide will help the student speak and feel comfortable in any social gathering or while standing and talking to a group.

Physical pain
The anti-inflammatory qualities of a CBD product can be a best friend for the college student. Participating in sports for college teams can often result in a sprain, joint pain, or sore muscles. CBD can help to ease away the discomfort and pain that can result in athletic activity.

Mental health
CBD can help to ease the mental state a student has during their college years. An overwhelming workload and anxious thoughts about their future endeavors can lead to depression. CBD can address the panic attacks that can present themselves from the overwhelming thought process that the student may have. The calming properties that CBD oil has can slow down the racing thought process and provide a healthy way of thinking


Students may be interested in the following CBD products available:

• CBD gummies are a perfect way to promote a natural, relaxed sleep
• CBD Vape-Oil is an excellent means of accessing CBD’s benefits during the day
• CBD Pain Freeze delivers a soothing lotion for controlling pain, muscle problems and cramps

CBD or THC which compound to use could be a provoking thought for the student. What is the result that the student is hoping to achieve? THC products have a psychoactive component, are active on the brain, and is the compound that produces the high.

CBD is nonpsychoactive, works with the immune system as an anti-inflammatory, and aids with controlling depression.


Students attending college are using the benefits of CBD to assist with health and wellness issues that can come with higher learning. Many students are choosing to use THC for recreational purposes and the high feelings that this compound produces.

Is THC or CBD more effective as a sleep aid


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