How AI is revolutionizing the cannabis industry

Published May 15, 2023 09:00 a.m. ET
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary technology that’s quickly transformed the way we live life each day. From how we shop, to remembering crucial dates, the way we interact with one another, smart homes with a mind of their own, and our reliance on cell phones, it’s become a massive influence on our daily routines, and an important part of how we work, play, and sleep. Artificial intelligence seems to be changing everything these days and the cannabis industry is no exception.

AI is forever altering how we cultivate, process, transport, distribute and buy cannabis. In this article, we’ll highlight a few of the ways it’s helping industry leaders all over the world today.

Quality control

Growing cannabis plants that are able to produce a fair-sized yield is relatively easy with all of the tools, state-of-the-art facilities, and knowledge we have today, but delivering consistently reliable quality products and results? Well, that’s a whole nother challenge faced by the industry, and it’s not just about skills, education, or lived experience.

Instead, technology could be the answer and artificial intelligence may hold the key, as its capabilities go far beyond any human. With a combination of automation, and science, anything is possible, including objective quality control in cannabis.

AI can help maximize any operations potential be it big or small, indoors or outdoors. Even those with limited access to technology for growing like precision lighting, humidity controls, or automated watering systems can benefit from this amazing tool.

Artificial intelligence can analyze plant genetics, chemical composition, and many other influential factors  using machine-learned algorithms to deliver invaluable advice and data to ensure the quality of every crop is consistent in terms of potency, flavor, aroma, experience, and yield.

This is crucial for all producers to achieve since customers expect to receive reliable results, and those that deliver will improve consumer satisfaction rates strengthening brand loyalty.

Improve processing efficiency

As cannabis companies race against the clock to find new ways to save time and make more money, AI is helping by automating many aspects of the process, a fact that’s especially true for processors that turn raw plant materials into other products like edibles, oils, and concentrates. This technology can optimize equipment, reduce waste, and adjust methods to improve the overall efficiency and output of any facility.

Predictive analytics


With user preferences and market dynamics that are constantly evolving it’s important for cannabis businesses to stay informed on customer behaviors, trends, technology, and any other factors that could make it essential to change operations to accommodate these fluctuating circumstances.

The trouble is that’s hard to accomplish since it requires non-stop access to multiple sources like social media platforms, sales data, and trusted industry reports as well as the ability to compile and analyze all that information to make accurate predictions.

Luckily, artificial technology can do all of that and more to give cannabis businesses what they need to succeed by making informed decisions and staying ahead of the curve, so they’re always ready for anything.

Regulatory compliance

Cannabis is a highly regulated market with many rules and restrictions that are unique in every region. These requirements are also constantly changing, making it difficult for businesses to remain compliant, and that’s where artificial intelligence comes in.

With complex algorithms, and the ability to track and monitor reports in real-time, this technology can ensure cannabis companies are creating appropriate labels, submitting the right quality tests, and tracking all products, so they’re guaranteed to stay in compliance throughout every part of the process.

The future of cannabis and AI

As the industry expands AI will continue to evolve, so it’s likely going to play a crucial role in cannabis for many years to come. Businesses that want to stay competitive in this fast-paced space should opt to embrace technology and all it has to offer.

This competitive edge will help to improve and maintain product quality, make it easier for businesses to create plans for the future, and enhance efficiency all while keeping up with regulatory requirements so that employees can focus on other things like delivering clear messages to and engaging with both potential and returning customers.

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