Higher education in Canada

Published Feb 18, 2019 07:00 p.m. ET

Niagara College: Commercial Cannabis Production

 A one-year course, training in plant nutrition, environment, climate control, and pest control.

Consists of:

• Regulatory and trade requirements for production and packaging
• Accurately track crop production costs and provide documentation
• A field placement at a cannabis producer in region ends the program

Career opportunities:
Quality assurance, grower, propagation, and operations manager.
Course cost $125.00 per credit – 36 credits for completion of course

Durham College: Cannabis Industry Specialization program

Part-time course, age requirement of 19 years old required.

Consists of preparation for business experience for those with a degree in business and wishing to pursue a carrier in the budding cannabis industry. Training in Canadian regulatory requirements and how to apply it to business decision practices. The course must be completed within one year of starting the course.

Career opportunities:
Quality assurance, production sales marketing, and educators.

McGill University: workshops-medical cannabis production and quality control

Workshops on medical cannabis production and control.

Career opportunities:
Adults working in food science and medicinal chemistry that wish to transfer to the medicinal cannabis industry.

In the process of starting full-time programs in 2019.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University: trains frontline staff to work in the cannabis industry

4-day workshops, online training.


Career opportunities:
Cultivation technicians, quality control and medical customer service
Course cost: $1500 +GST

Ryerson University: The Business of Cannabis

39-hour course

This course prepares the student for the cannabis industry, paying attention to Ontario Cannabis legislation at both levels of government will be taught, financing for business opportunities in the cannabis industry and the selling of cannabis in Canada.

Career opportunities:
Entrepreneurs who are needing knowledge and skills to start their own cannabis business, training people currently working in the field who need more knowledge to perhaps further their employability

College of the Rockies: Cannabis Retail program

This is a 26, week course it is available 4 times per year this course will include hands-on experience in a related business as your work placement requirement. It is an online course with a study focus on the retail business of cannabis.

Currently, this program is only opened to Canadian students.

Career opportunities:
Highly specialized retail positions in the industry
Client Care Technicians

Old’s College: cannabis production Level 1

180 hour online course split among four monthly instructor-led courses, combined with a hands-on one-week field study. You will be ready for entry-level work in the cannabis industry. Instruction will be provided on horticulture science and production. Cannabis research, documentation and legalization along with the science and production of cannabis.

Career opportunities:
Employment with medical or recreational marijuana producers
$799 + GST x 4 and a charge for the field study $499 +GST

Growing marijuana in Canada is legal for anyone over 19. Opportunities that are available in the upcoming explosive cannabis business are unlimited. Formal cannabis educational courses are being offered at more and more universities across the country. At present 8 universities have licenses to grow marijuana on site.  Why not take an online course to make sure that your 4 plants in the backyard will grow big and loaded with buds? Learning the science behind budding scientific marijuana research in Canada and offered by top-notch academies is another bonus of living in a country that has legalized cannabis.



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