High Life dispensary helps locals with toilet paper

Published Apr 1, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis dispensaries in most regions have now achieved the designation of essential services, which keeps their doors open and supply readily available to those who need it the most. Most have taken on the challenge in stride, by introducing extra precautionary measures to keep both their customers and staff as safe as possible, through rigorous cleaning, sanitizing, alternative payment options, curbside pickup and weed delivery, but some have gone the extra mile to help out local residents.

The High Life dispensary is one of them, and they’ve done so by ordering toilet paper in bulk from their industrial supplier, and then bagging it up in individual packages to be given out to the public. Toilet paper for most companies is not difficult to find, and this is a move that is expected to inspire other capable agencies to commit similar acts of kindness, be it through toilet paper, or other generous offerings to those who need it the most.

Why toilet paper?

COVID-19 is a global epidemic of historic proportions, and the insanity that seemed to follow recent announcements in regard to larger outbreaks sparked a flurry of panicked shoppers who flooded the stores, clearing shelves, in an attempt to stock up and hunker down in preparation for what is to come. Just to be clear, there is absolutely no need to hoard toilet paper, as it won’t help to save you from this virus, but it seems that a lot of consumers weren’t thinking clearly, which led to a shortage across both the United States and Canada.

For the last few weeks, media reports of empty grocery shelves have spread online, further adding to the panic, and despite attempts from store owners, employees and suppliers, one of the things that seem to be the hardest to find is toilet paper. Since the most vulnerable and elderly are often unable to drive from store to store in search of this supply, it’s left many with no choice but to travel or go without, which is why this movement is so widely appreciated right now.

Who can get help?

The initial thought was that these donations were being offered to cannabis consumers in hopes of bolstering already record-high sales, but the truth is that High Life is willing to help anyone who needs it. Unfortunately, they can only reach so far, so they are currently aiding those who live in the Sudbury region. As of Wednesday, March 25th, a total of 6000 toilet paper rolls had been donated by High Life to hundreds of local residents.

Right now, there is no way to apply for this service, and you aren’t going to find toilet paper in your next order if you go out of your way to buy through this dispensary, but it’s amazing to know that there are people from the cannabis industry who are willing to adapt and modify in the way that they do things for the greater good of their community and its citizens.

Is High Life the only cannabis company to do this?

To date, High Life seems to be the only dispensary that has taken this approach, but they aren’t the only ones that are working towards a better tomorrow in this uncertain time. Cannabis businesses everywhere are donating medical supplies like face masks, gloves, bodysuits, gowns, hand sanitizer, and the alcohol required to make sanitizer.


So though this might not help you to solve your toilet paper woes, it is inspiring other agencies to take a look at their stocks and suppliers, to figure out other more unique ways to help citizens as they weather this crisis. There is no community like the one you find in the cannabis space, and they are doing their part to help everyone in any way that they can.

Toilet paper alternatives

Since the toilet paper shortage isn’t expected to last for long, as suppliers are able to make more, and hoarders should very soon be satisfied with their current stashes, we thought it’d be a good idea to offer up a list of some of the best toilet paper alternatives. So, if you find yourself without it, you will know how to handle the situation without panicking.

1. Gloss-free paper
A lot of people don’t realize this, but you can make any kind of paper into a workable toilet paper, as long as it doesn’t come with a layer of gloss. Magazines, newspapers, and regular printer paper can be crumpled up, which will soften it, and if you want a truly luxurious wipe, you can even add baby oil or moisturizers to this homemade toilet paper.

2. Napkins
These might not offer the softest cleaning, but in a punch, they will work just fine, and they are quite economical too, with a few hundred in a pack selling for less than $5 on average, it’s an option that many consumers are turning to in times of need.

3. Paper towel
Paper towels are an excellent alternative for toilet paper, but you must remember that they cannot be flushed. Otherwise, your city could end up with some serious issues, and that’s a best-case scenario. Otherwise, it will just clog up your pipes, leaving you with few choices and a non-working toilet during a pandemic, which doesn’t sound like fun. You can even make it look like toilet paper by taking a sharp knife and cutting one roll into 2-3 parts, and voila! You’ll have homemade toilet paper.

4. Washcloths
We haven't always had access to a fresh supply of toilet paper, and when we didn’t, it wasn’t uncommon for each household to have a bin of washcloths beside the toilet instead. They are easy to make with some clean scrap materials, and then all you really need is a collection bit for used cloths to be tossed in when they need to be washed. Reusable toilet paper might not sound like the ideal option, but it could be just what you need to get through this shortage.

3. Water
When all else fails, a bit of soap and water will always do the trick. The incredible thing about bathrooms is that most of them come equipped with a shower right next to the toilet, which makes for an easy and economical washing every single time. If you want to make it just a little bit easier, then you can head on over to Amazon and order either a bidet or a showerhead so that you can direct the water more precisely and stay cleaner.

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