Here it comes, the first legal cannabis dispensary in Norfolk county

Published Aug 15, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Sun, water, golden glow, hot dogs, and fresh perch are not the only things that make us head to Port Dover. The little town in Norfolk country will be happy to provide legal cannabis as a bonus to the list of attractions this small coastal lake Erie town has to offer.


237 Main St is the proposed home of Village Cannabis Co. The notice posted in the storefront window is from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the fifteen days-notice required before a retail store authorization is granted.  Sufficient time has passed for the residents or municipalities to put in their thoughts about a recreational dispensary in their little sun-drenched part of Lake Erie, so plans will be moving forward soon.


Conrad Floyd is not new to Port Dover or the process required to have ownership of an Ontario cannabis recreational dispensary. Floyd's childhood memories with his family, like many families from Hamilton, include fond images of travelling to the lakeside resort area. He became familiar with the process of obtaining a cannabis retail shop in 2018. He was not successful, but he did not give up, and soon after, he put his name up for the 2nd round of licensing. He chooses Port Dover, Muskoka, and Crystal Beach as locations of interest for him.


Village Cannabis Co. is a grassroots cannabis business. Floyd is looking forward to growing his business within the beach community. He is aware of the stigma that remains around the cannabis industry. However, he is looking forward to being the little guy in the community who will educate the residents on Ontario cannabis benefits while employing 100 percent locals. His slogan "It Takes a Village to Grow" represents where he likes to focus his business; in small village communities.



Early 2021 seems to the projected date for Floyd to realize his dream of owning a recreational cannabis dispensary in one of his favourite childhood beach resort areas. Delays have been inevitable, as COVID-19 was detrimental to many businesses, and Village Cannabis Co. is no different. The AGCO waiting list and supply have also attributed to the delays in opening.

What is the buzz

Locals at the Port Dover proposed location have chimed in on their feelings about the retail recreational dispensary opening in their community. Positivity seems to be prevalent among the locals. He is aware that some people will object, as the stigma continues, but he hopes to be part of the movement to change those views.

Floyd is sure his designs for the recreational dispensary will complement the beach town feelings he and his family have enjoyed for years. He will not follow the model of some of the existing recreational dispensaries that have a cold, rigid style of décor. He does not want his business to represent cold feelings as his views are of a peaceful, fun beach atmosphere. Floyd, a Hamilton resident, has the best interests of Port Dover at heart while following his dream.

Final thoughts

Beach vibes, perfect sunsets, sweet music, and the famous Friday 13, have all been reasons to visit the little coastal beach area.  Village Cannabis Co., the recreational dispensary, is simply looking to be part of the community and a favourable attraction to this small town in Norfolk county.

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