HCC training for cannabis jobs may now be covered by scholarships

Published Mar 9, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Everyone wants cannabis jobs, but do you have the skills that it takes to land one? The industry is booming, demand for new professionals is exploding, and this is the perfect time to brush up on your cannabis education, especially if you’ve got aspirations to work in this field. Unfortunately, extended education can be expensive, but HCC is working to change that by teaming up with Elevate Northeast to support workforce training for those who want to work in the cannabis industry.

What is HCC?

Holyoke Community College is located in Massachusetts, and there the school offers associate programs, degrees, and transfer programs for interested students. The Cannabis Education Center within Holyoke Community College focuses on specialized services that are designed to get motivated individuals trained and certified to work within the cannabis industry.

What is the Cannabis Education Center?

The Cannabis Education Center at HCC is a partnership between the college and Elevate Northeast. It’s a safe space that provides specialized high-quality training to anyone who is hoping to obtain a career in some part of the cannabis industry.

The cannabis jobs training

Cannabis jobs training offered at Holyoke Community College reaches into nearly all aspects of the industry, but core training is a requirement to go any further in most current programs. Enrolling in core training at HCC costs $595, and it runs for 2 days at a time. Students who successfully complete Core training may move on to 1 of 4 cannabis industry career tracks.

Core training

Core training is intensive with each session including talks given by leading cannabis industry experts, followed by a more interactive question and answer period where students will be given the opportunity to clear up any confusion surrounding any topic pertaining to cannabis jobs or careers. These classes will take place from Saturday, March 13th to Sunday, March 21st with lessons running from 9am to 4pm each day.

Cannabis industry career tracks

HCC career tracks are only available to those who pass core training, and they offer a more specialized subject-specific learning atmosphere that can help students to refine the skills they need to succeed in the green market. Anyone who completes core training may then register for any of the following 4 career tracks:


Culinary Assistant: April 3rd – 18th

Extraction Technician: April 10th – 25th

Cultivation Assistant: April 3rd – 18th

Patent Service Associate: May 1st – 16th

How much of the cost is covered through scholarships?

Qualifying individuals may have the entire cost of the program covered by scholarships, but the approved amount is dependent on several qualifying factors.

Who can qualify?

The available scholarships may be granted to anyone, but the main priority behind them is to assist individuals who reside in communities that have been adversely impacted by drug laws. That is not, however, necessary to be part of the program. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for scholarships for cannabis jobs training at HCC, the best way to find out if you qualify is by visiting Holyoke Community College to submit an application.

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