Halifax is taking action against black-market marijuana dispensaries

Published Aug 26, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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The marijuana plant is under fire in Halifax. The plant that has so many benefits is becoming less affordable and accessible to the medical cannabis user in the region. The issue is not really about the marijuana plant. Canada has already established its world position in cannabis culture by being the second country to legalize marijuana altogether.

So, why is the black-market flourishing in Halifax, causing Halifax police to take action?

Halifax Police have raided four dispensaries and confiscated at the least fifty pounds of marijuana, 43,000 dollars, and 4,000 cannabis-related products from the black-market or illegal dispensaries since June 2019. Some of the problems for medical cannabis user in Halifax is their accessibility to their medicine.   Medicinal cannabis cannot be sold through the four NSLC (aka Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.) Their medicine is available only through special order from licensed producers who are licensed by the federal government.

The big problem is the availability of these products. Nova Scotia has only a few of these retailers, and legally all that they can sell is plants, seeds, dried, and fresh cannabis to their patients.  Some of the patients require different forms of their medication. Many medical cannabis users prefer the use of edibles. So the problem begins for patients who have to pay higher prices for marijuana at the NSLC. The NSLC is also not a good place for a recovering alcoholic to purchase their medical marijuana. More patients are turning to the black-market vendor for better quality, lower prices, and availability of the needed medicine.

For black market dispensaries in Halifax, times are volatile. Some have been established for years serving the medical marijuana user. The past few weeks have seen a revamping of targeting these dispensaries and closing them down. This move from the Halifax police has put some medical marijuana users in a panic. They are worried about being able to access their needed medicine.

For the medical marijuana user who medicates themselves with edibles from unlicensed dispensaries, the Halifax Regional Police have a warning. The police state that if you are caught within one of these establishments, you could face criminal charges. The cry from medical marijuana users is about their constitutional rights to access their medicine being stepped on.

Weedmaps role in the black market cannabis industry


Weedmaps, allows users to discuss cannabis strains while finding local dispensaries is one of the oldest online cannabis communities. Currently, it has listed 5 locations where you can purchase marijuana in Halifax. Three of them are the locations of the legal NSLC, and two are unlicensed dispensaries. However, if you look further, you will see the 12 cannabis delivery services. These services also have menus which detail the product they will deliver to you.

Many medical marijuana users in Halifax access their medicine through the use of this venue. Patients are concerned for this being the next avenue for the Halifax Police to denying them access to the needed medication and allowing them the right of prices and quality of the product that they deserve.

Most medical cannabis users in Halifax are on a fixed income and need to have the consistency of their medication. Through the use of Weedmaps, they can have a variety of products to choose from. Edibles being a big part of the medical cannabis business, and the locations to purchase many different edibles are found easily on the Weedmaps app.

So, if you plan on visiting Halifax, perhaps you could take your medical marijuana with you avoiding any interruption in your medicinal schedule.

Is it easier to obtain black market cannabis vs legal products in Canada


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