Giving away free weed is a new trend thanks to COVID-19

Published Apr 18, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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We are living in unprecedented times, and people everywhere are struggling to get through, but it’s times like these that we get to see some of the most inspiring individuals and companies hard at work. Everywhere, communities, businesses, and organizations are working together to ensure that everyone makes it through these dark days, and some of the most generous offerings are coming straight out of the government and the cannabis industry.

Though we still know very little about the COVID-19 outbreak, which has spanned the globe in as little as a few months, impacting communities everywhere, one thing is for sure, and it’s that society has finally accepted that the cannabis industry provides an essential service that is irreplaceable, and priceless, especially in times like these. This shift has left nearly every marijuana dispensary open, even when the majority of businesses have been forced to close, but there is still a huge segment of the population who cannot afford to buy it.

Layoffs delayed seasonal positions, widespread illness, and fear, all caused by this outbreak, which has left most with few patience or options during these difficult times. When you have to choose between keeping the lights on, paying rent, or eating, there is never anything left over to buy yourself some soothing relief. For some, this is a feasible reality, but for others, the life-changing situation is devastating, and this struggle is what has inspired the new trend of hosting a cannabis giveaway.

Whose giving it away?

Now, it is important to note that those who are in receipt of these grand gestures are a fortunate few, as the vast majority of the free weed giveaway programs are intended to target a specific vulnerable audience. However, there is plenty of love to go around, which means that even regular consumers are getting special treatment, and we want to take a moment to highlight those who have made the largest contributions to this grand gesture so far.

1. Mid-Michigan Compassion Club

These fantastic contributors set up a convenient drive-through in Montcalm County to serve both veterans and those in receipt of SSD by providing each participant $150 worth of free cannabis goods to enjoy. Each care package includes ¼ of weed, infused edibles, and a host of natural hemp products, like topicals, and other therapeutic treats that can help to provide some relief during this stressful time.

2. Outlaw

In Manchester England, you won’t find a single marijuana dispensary, because at least for the moment, it is still an illegal substance to possess or use, but that hasn’t hindered an anonymous donor who goes by the name Outlaw from donating cannabis and other essentials to those who are stuck in isolation. This masked hero made rounds this past weekend when he donated just over $1,000.00 in cannabis along with other essentials like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and gloves to random households who welcomed the intriguing and much-needed gifts with open arms.


3. Sicily Regional Government

Cannabis has been legal in Sicily for several years now, but up until this point, anyone with a medical license or prescription has to pay out of pocket for their medicine. In one historical motion, the region has moved to cover the exorbitant fees for medicinal patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, and neuropathic pain. Residents here can obtain a prescription for cannabis through any licensed pharmacy, which makes this one of the most accessible and comprehensive forms of coverage that we’ve ever seen.

4. NewLeaf

This Colorado-based giant from the cannabis industry is offering a more unique service that is available only to those who reside in the area that has lost their job due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Anyone who is impacted by a big loss of income can qualify for a package that is worth just over $50 by applying through the NewLeaf website. The giveaway is unique because instead of offering cannabis to consumers, this company has a lineup of CBD products to offer, in hopes of soothing and lifting the spirits of those who are facing uncertainty while stuck in isolation.

5. Green Dot Labs

Green Dot is an incredibly successful cannabis processor who makes some of the most popular high-quality concentrates in the world, and they’ve decided to turn their pillow of success into assistance and hope by spreading their wealth across the community. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Green Dot Labs are taking nominations to giveaway hundreds of jars filled with a ¼ of their popular Black Label flower, which is a relaxing Indica that is filled to the brim with terpenes and cannabinoids.

With all of the negativity in the world today, it is important to focus on the silver lining, no matter how hard it might be to see. The cannabis industry stepping up and evolving into an essential service that spreads joy everywhere is just one excellent example of some of the good that can come out of these kinds of unfortunate situations.

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