Exciting cannabis events coming in December 2020

Published Dec 7, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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For many, 2020 will be marked as a time like no other in the world that we have experienced. Lockdowns, economic downfalls, and increased mental health issues have been on an accelerated upward course. The global population is looking for a positive, enjoyable time that we are used to experiencing, and we are a species that enjoys the company of others.

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed us to a new way of doing things and deterred us from what is the norm. Isolation from other groups has now become the new and necessitated norm. We are encouraged not to mingle for health reasons and not to enjoy the physical company and companionship that our species craves.

December is the last month in 2020. Is it possible that cannabis events or, more specifically, online events are a part of cannabis culture that those in the green space can look forward to? It sure would help to end 2020 on a positive note. Those belonging to the group who enjoy a cannabis conference as part of their scheduled cannabis events are in for a positive beginning note to the last month of this negative year.

The MJBizCon

Mark your datebooks for Dec 2nd to the 4th of 2020. This is an exciting way to begin the last month of a questionable year. MJBizCon will facilitate the uniting of the cannabis industry.  This cannabis conference will provide a path for partnerships and investors to expand their businesses through the most prominent online annual gathering.

This cannabis conference provides the space for industry leaders to be available for the cannabis enthusiast to ask questions and gain knowledge from the industry's best. The now digital cannabis conference will include over 60 sessions, 1-1 networking opportunities, and hundreds of vendors along with the opportunity to chat with executives.

These particular topics will facilitate attendance around the roundtable. One of the networking events that need to be included in your exciting December cannabis calendar reminder is the Connecting Women in Cannabis event. Another exciting topic to look forward to in online events this month is the Achieving Equity in Cannabis event, which is also at the beginning of December.


So, it is apparent that the world is becoming more desensitized to cannabis and the products produced from the plant. As the end of this horrific year comes to light, December cannabis events are no longer able to be presented in a way that encourages in-person social and peaceful bonding. However, the cannabis experience can still end on a positive note for December.

Another positive outcome for December cannabis consumers is the incredible delight of shopping for your favourite cannabis consumer. Remember to add to the list, for those who have been naughty and nice, CBD products that will enhance the health benefits of cannabis without delivering the high.

Let's not forget this month is the perfect time for giving. The market for cannabis users' accessories is enormous. This is the time of the year when shopping used to involve going to the dispensary for our Christmas gifting, but these days it might be safer to place your order online.

Final words

Perhaps all we can say about December cannabis highlights is that this month signifies the end of a horrific year. The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on all of us, but although the December calendar for cannabis may seem small, the outlook is promising. December is an exciting time for planning COVID-style Christmas celebrations, and cannabis can play an essential role in ensuring a peaceful and positive end to the year.

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