Examples of green energy in the cannabis industry

Published Mar 3, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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The cannabis industry as we know it today is moving towards a more environmentally friendly design. No longer can your footprint be dirty. The marijuana industry is the fastest-growing agricultural industry in the USA as well as in other countries around the world. The global marijuana market is estimated to be worth over $340 billion today.

The cannabis industry is moving forward by using green energy to sustain its many businesses. The cannabis plant has been growing for centuries, but it’s never been cultivated on a scale like this. Mass indoor production of this beneficial plant is costly not only financially but also environmentally, a price that needs to be maintained, especially as it grows.

Types of green energy that is available to the cannabis industry

  • Hydropower
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Geothermal
  • Fuel-cell Technology
  • Diesel Generators
  • NG/LPG Generators


Growing environmentally friendly cannabis is not an energy-friendly task that comes easy. However, Edward Dow, CEO of Solar Therapeutics, produces enough green energy to generate enough to provide all of the power needed for the company’s 42,000 square foot cannabis growing facility. The core mission of Solar Therapeutics is to produce and grow cannabis in the most energy-efficient way possible. Dow is unaware of any other licensed commercial cannabis company that can generate its own power.


Using thermal energy from the earth has enormous potential benefits in the cannabis industry. Geothermal energy is not dependent on the weather, and it has a significant part in the green energy transformation, especially in needed heating applications. Maintaining constant temperatures in cannabis greenhouses is possible with geothermal. For those businesses that are outdoors, geothermal energy is capable of heating the soil and is also beneficial for completing high-temperature drying of the plant. The small amount of infrastructure needed once installed delivers significant cost savings.

Wind Energy

Using the turbines that are driven by the wind is a perfect way to generate energy for growing weed off the grid and producing energy-friendly weed. The wind is a widely used method of energy, but sadly it is somewhat weather-dependent. Some of these device technologies can be scaled down and used on farmland.

These green energy products offer a high-energy output; they do not generate too much noise, and they are very reliable. Positioning and location of these wind turbines are paramount to optimizing green energy output. A pro to this method of green energy cannabis farming is the lower cost when compared to solar power. One downside is that you can’t keep your location secret when using this form of green energy to grow your weed.

Final words

It is clear that no matter what level you are involved at in the cultivation of cannabis, it consumes a tremendous amount of water and energy. The waste produced from the harvest must also be handled in an environmentally friendly manner. It is estimated that the cannabis industry in the US uses 1% of the nation's electricity.

Whether you are cultivating in an extensive way or on a smaller home scale, running those high-powered grow lights and exhaust fans is costly to both you and the environment.

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