Did you know there are cannabis vending robots?

Published Aug 2, 2019 11:40 a.m. ET
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The cannabis industry is thriving, and the technology used to enhance it is also booming. Innovative ways of cultivating and selling cannabis have emerged, and one of these ways is the use of Greenbox Robotics. Greenbox Robotics is affecting retailing dispensaries. With the assistance of artificial intelligence (A.I.) Greenbox uses robots as dispensers and vending machines.

How does cultivation robots work?

These robots are used to water the cannabis plants and tend to their specific needs. These robots are built by Nathaniel Morris’ company called “William Bond Ai.” Morris believes that robots could eventually be all over the world in cultivation facilities soon. He also thinks that the robots could benefit the cannabis industry in a tremendous way.

Additionally, the robot called William is designed to help with the cultivation of cannabis and to find out the effects it has on people with epilepsy. “William,” unlike humans, can detect the levels of THC in a cannabis plant.

The cannabis industry usually requires labour for cultivation, but these robots are efficient and reliable and could cut back costs. Though, this may mean that cannabis jobs for cultivators will be lost. Depak Anand, the vice-president of the consulting firm, Cannabis Compliance, said that he believes that these robots could cost thousands of workers to lose their jobs.

Greenbox robots

Many robots are kept in dispensaries where a customer can make their order or cannabis and get it within three minutes. The robot’s artificial intelligence is also able to provide a list of suggested products like the product purchased by the customer. This capability is quite appalling since this vending robot carries varieties of options. These robots are more than vending machines; it is customer interactive. These robots can cause an increase in sales for the cannabis industry.

The uniqueness of Greenbox Robots

Also, the robotics are used as delivery machines; aiding the delivery services of the cannabis industry. The robots allow for a timely delivery. Zack Johnson, founder, and CEO of Greenbox Robotics stated that his robots are well-known by brands in the cannabis industry. The robots are promising.


Johnson said that his Greenbox robots are unique because they are designed to better enhance the cannabis industry, and customers can film their transaction. The machine is also a touch screen interface between customers and itself.

Purchasing from a Greenbox robot

The robot’s interface screen classifies by-products of cannabis into different categories such as oil, flowers, and marijuana edibles. CBD products can be easily chosen by customers. Afterwards, the robotic arm finds the items and then dispenses it to customers after payment is completed. This is very easy. The customer can also purchase more than one product in the same transaction. The robot screen also describes the products it offers; customers are educated at the point of sale. This is exciting news as buying from a Greenbox would not change the price of their products.

How robots could affect the cannabis industry

Despite the quick transactional services provided by these robots, another sector of the cannabis industry may be impacted. Cannabis jobs may be lost because robots are much faster and more cost effective. These robots may even be cheaper than human labor, and the public finds them appealing.

How Greenbox can improve sales

The use of robots could double the revenue from sales in small shops. Of course, these robots can be purchased or leased by customers if they so desire. It is worth the venture.

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