Dad’s who are making waves in the cannabis industry

Published Jun 1, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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The pot industry is home to more than a few incredible dads. Do you know any of them? From smoking weed to working, many cannabis jobs have proven for some entrepreneurs, to be the path to successful and profitable family life. How they got their start in the pot industry will be revealed right here.

Don’t say the word C

To be told, you have won a prestigious award, but that you cannot say the word cannabis while displaying your product may seem strange. However, Keep Labs is in the midst of a historic moment.  The product from Keep Labs is manufactured explicitly for cannabis, the "C" word. History was made this day by being the first company centred around cannabis to win an award at the prestigious CES (Consumers Electronics) show in Las Vegas.

The strict guidelines proposed by CTA (Consumers Technology Association), the trade group behind CES, decided that the best choice was not to present their product at the event, even though they were an honoured winner. However, the company does display its product on the CES website. The product is side by side with other Innovation Award Honorees, where the "C" word cannabis is used all through the descriptive narrative.

These dads saw the need for a safe way for marijuana to be stored. Whether for medical cannabis storage or recreational consumption, these dads have used the knowledge and experience they have acquired to be part of the budding cannabis industry without touching the cannabis itself.

What is it?

Are you looking for a discreet safe manner of storing your pot? Don't worry, a couple of dads are responsible for a product that can do just for that. These dads are making waves in the pot industry while providing cannabis jobs. What looks like a smart speaker with a clock is hiding the real purpose of the product. The storage unit has mobile alerts and comes complete with a built-in scale and a hermetic seal. Consumers have the choice of:

  • Chalk white or slate black
  • Facial recognition
  • Airtight seal
  • Removable rolling tray
  • Battery equipped allowing use anywhere

Who are these dads?

Canada is home to the developers of these fantastic storage units.

Ben Gliksman:

  • Father of three small children
  • Medical cannabis patient

Philip Wilkins:

  • Father and married
  • CEO & Co-founder of Keep Labs

Transparency, clearly not

It is interesting to note that when the dads first heard they were being awarded the prestigious award, they were over the green rainbow with pride. However, upon receiving the notification that said they could not use the word cannabis or the "C" word, the dads choose not to accept the award in person. The dads were uncomfortable about not mentioning the word cannabis in their display or acceptance speech. This position was a direct injustice to the product they were producing and receiving an award for.

These dads are not happy with Keep Labs being lumped into the storage solutions and appliances for the home. This is not what the product represents. It represents cannabis and the safe, smart means of storage.

These two dads have made a mark in the cannabis industry and put the spotlight on a southern Ontario town, Kitchener. The electronic company has created cannabis jobs for the community.  Their extensive research on the safety of storing cannabis has proved beneficial to the company and spurred the product to be a viable option for safely storing your cannabis discreetly.

Steve DeAngelo

Perhaps he is not your dad, but for many in the cannabis industry, he is regarded as the “father of the legal cannabis industry.” He is a pioneering cannabis entrepreneur, author, and on-screen personality. Several cannabis businesses have been co-funded by Steve. He takes fame  and notoriety from opening one of the first six licensed dispensaries in the U.S.

Steep Hill Laboratory, one of his endeavors, is the first cannabis dedicated lab. Currently, Mr. DeAngelo is chairman of Harborside Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis company located in California. To Steve’s credit is the founding of the Last Prisoner Project. The non-profit advocacy group has a mission to release cannabis prisoners everywhere while ensuring that they have the resources to rebuild the stolen lives they have endured.

DeAngelo sees Harborside making positive waves in 2020. New locations are on the brink of opening, along with one of the few drive-through dispensaries. Mr. DeAngelo has expressed strong views on medicinal cannabis, as he believes the harnessing of cannabis’s medicinal properties is essential for the sustainable growth of the industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award in advocacy and cannabis influence was presented to Steve in 2019.

As a father of the legal cannabis business Steve DeAngelo is actively moving forward with providing  information and knowledge to the cannabis industry.

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