COVID-19 cannabis dispensary restrictions by state

Published Sep 1, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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The entire world has changed the way that it does pretty much everything from going to work to having fun and conducting regular everyday business. The cannabis industry has adapted quite well in these difficult times, but as a result of the struggle to combat COVID-19, many regions have altered regulations to temporarily allow reduced contact services in hopes of keeping both customers and employees safe.

How long will they last?

Some of the information and services that you’ll find here will last long after the pandemic is far behind us, but many of the rules will revert once the emergency has passed, and official orders expire. In some areas, all locations will stay closed for a while, and others will start lifting special exemptions as early as next month, so it is important to keep up to date on what's happening in your state.

Restrictions on dispensaries by state

If your stash is running low, and you’re wondering where and how to order all of your favourite cannabis products, then this is the ultimate list for you. Below, you’ll find a list of all restrictions and available services that are currently allowed in each state, which should help to give you an idea of what you’ll find at a cannabis dispensary near you.


Unfortunately, Alaska isn’t allowing cannabis dispensaries to deliver to recreational or medicinal consumers, but most in this region are offering curbside pickup. The majority of dispensaries here are open for business as usual, so customers can get an in-person experience.


Medical cannabis dispensaries in Arkansas may now offer delivery, but very few are equipped to provide this service to the general public. This region also prohibits drive-through and curbside pickup, with most storefronts operating with only in-person sales.


Arizona has kept all of its storefronts open to the public, but this state is also openly advertising the fact that they allow dispensaries to deliver and to serve consumers through curbside service. Not all stores offer every option, but many have adapted in recent times due to consumer demand.


There are hundreds of dispensaries still open in the great state of California, and many of them offer front door delivery. Some jurisdictions are also allowing customers to pick up their orders curbside, but this is only selectively offered as it must be approved by each area. California dispensaries are conducting in-person transactions, but delivery rates and offerings in the region are skyrocketing.


Both medical and recreational dispensaries are open to the public in Colorado, and this state also offers delivery. Unfortunately, access to the highly sought-after service is limited, but those that can’t get delivery can get curbside pickup through many different dispensary locations.


Connecticut medical dispensaries are open and welcoming the public to visit their storefronts, but residents of this state also have the option of curbside pickup. Sadly, this region isn’t allowing delivery of any kind.


This state is one that’s taken a unique stance by allowing front door deliveries and online or telephone ordering while prohibiting curbside pickup completely. Some storefronts in the region have returned to work, but many are maintaining reduced hours to meet higher demand.


In the golden state of Florida, curbside pickup is all the rage, and medicinal storefronts remain open to serve the public. Residents of this region may also have access to delivery through their local dispensaries.


There are only a few medicinal cannabis dispensaries in this state, and they are currently open to the public, but despite the pandemic, the region is not allowing delivery or curbside pickup of cannabis products, which means that customers are limited to in-person transactions.


The state of Illinois has allowed dispensaries who wish to participate, the ability to offer curbside pickup to consumers, but the area completely prohibits all licensed dispensaries from delivering their customers’ orders.


Medical cannabis dispensaries in Louisiana are allowed to temporarily offer delivery, but so far, the curbside pickup has not been considered. All licensed storefront remains open, though some are maintaining limited hours.


Maine regulators deemed cannabis dispensaries to be essential early on in the pandemic, so they have always remained open, and a select few are even offering curbside pickup or the more convenient option front door delivery.


Residents of Maryland can enjoy delivery from their local dispensaries, but if they want to leave the house then there is also curbside pickup and even drive-throughs in this state. All medical dispensaries remain open in this area to offer in-person shopping.



Massachusetts is offering both recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries the option to deliver their customer's orders, but they’re also providing other unique services like online ordering and curbside pickup. Most storefronts are also open, with strict protocols in place.


All Michigan dispensaries are open for business, and they are allowed to provide some new services to reduce contact between employees and customers. Residents of this state can opt for delivery and curbside pickup, but those that prefer to shop in-store still can.


A select few medicinal Missouri dispensaries can offer delivery, and curbside pickup is not an option by law in this state. Dispensaries have always remained open as essential services, so the majority of residents must visit in person to make a purchase.


All dispensaries in this region are open, though only some are allowing the public to shop in-store. The government in this state has ramped up access to delivery services, and for now, all dispensaries in this area can offer curbside pickup too.

New Hampshire

Licensed medical dispensaries in New Hampshire are not allowed to deliver, but
the state has greatly relaxed regulations to allow all locations to offer curbside pickup in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Not all stores partake in this extra service, so many residents must visit in person instead.

New Jersey

Medical dispensaries in New Jersey are all open, and some of them have switched almost completely to a curbside pickup service. Dispensaries in this area may also provide a discount for caregivers who are picking up for someone vulnerable, which is a $20 reduction to the overall cost of the order. Some locations are beginning to offer delivery, but it’s a new and uncommon service.

New Mexico

Dispensaries in this state can legally deliver cannabis products, and some locations have chosen to adapt to the pandemic by transitioning over to curbside pickup and online ordering. Most storefronts remain open, and participation in additional services varies.

New York

This state has very few licensed cannabis dispensaries and the government allows all of them to deliver, but only a few have signed up to do so. Some locations have opted for curbside pickup, but the majority still require customers to visit in person.


Cannabis regulators in Ohio are allowing dispensaries to deliver, and a great number of participating locations are now on board with curbside pickup. All medical storefronts are open to serve customers who wish to shop in-store.


The governor of Oklahoma has refused to allow the delivery of cannabis products in this state, but they have approved a middle ground with curbside pickup. Residents can visit locations themselves or wait in their car to be served their order.


Both recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary locations can deliver to customers in this region, and some of them also offer curbside pickup, though the hours and availability of this feature change significantly by location. All stores remain open to the public.


Officials in this state relaxed cannabis regulations early in 2020 to allow for delivery and this service is now widely available across the region. All stores are open for in-store shopping, and many of this state’s dispensaries are offering some form of curbside pickup.

Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island has an extremely limited medicinal cannabis dispensary program, but the few locations that exist are open and ready to offer residents everything from in-person shopping to curbside pickup and even delivery.


Both recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensaries in Washington are open, but unfortunately, they are still barred from offering delivery. However, curbside pickup and drive-through services are widely offered across the state.

Washington DC

Licensed and regulated medical cannabis dispensaries in Washington DC have the approval to deliver to their customers alongside a curbside pickup, but not all locations offer either of these features, so make sure to check with local stores for clarity on availability.

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