Commendable actions by Canadian cannabis producers

Published Sep 2, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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COVID-19 has bought the world together to fight the pandemic. Both public and private companies have donated supplies to help combat the enemy, and the cannabis industry is pitching in to do their part in these unprecedented times. Help is coming from some unexpected sources, including the cannabis space.

Cannabis producers have converted their operations to make hand sanitizers for the frontline worker. Medical supplies, including masks and gloves, have been donated. Several hemp processors have even converted their CBD operations to now make ethanol-based hand sanitizer. This action has helped to keep staff working during these unprecedented times.

Take it a step further

Canada has seen the need for help from the cannabis industry to join in and combat the deadly virus that is threatening the world as we know it. The position the world is in today requires a global effort to rectify, and these cannabis companies are doing their part to make it happen.

  1. Valens Co.

Valens Co, a marijuana and hemp producer in British Columbia, has contributed significant quantities of personal protective equipment including:

  • Hospital gowns
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Gloves
  • Face masks
  1. Organigram

Organigram, a Canadian cannabis producer, has announced it will be donating 500 litres of ethanol. The donation will come from its New Brunswick facility. The ethanol will be repurposed to produce hand sanitizer, which will be used by the local health community.

  1. Canopy Growth

Canopy spokesperson Jordan Sinclair says that his company committed to donating the equipment that they use in the growing rooms, helping to prevent contamination. Giving to the frontline staff in Victoria is the companies way of participating in combating the deadly virus. The two massive greenhouses that the company shut down earlier this year will be donating thousands of Tyvek suits, face masks, and gloves. The equipment used in the greenhouses is the same equipment that would be beneficial to the frontline health workers to keep them safe from COVID-19.

  1. Hexo Corp

Hexo will be donating the needed 150 N95 facemasks. The paramedic services in Outaouais and area in Quebec will be receiving the required products. Canopy Growth and Hexo Corp have also worked together to provide hospitals with hospital gowns, face masks and bodysuits.

  1. High North

High North, a cannabis analytical facility, has 16,000 square feet of space that can assist in COVID-19 testing, according to CEO John Slaughter. The facility is newly completed and can do anything needed in the laboratory industry. The companies role is to test cannabis for potency and pesticides. Slaughter says the new facility has very high standards for testing. The tests are processed digitally, providing excellent results. The facility can process 1200 tests for COVID-19 per day with investment into some additional equipment.

  1. Aurora

Cannabis producer Aurora has donated N95 facemasks to the Alberta Health Services.

Final Words

The world is in crisis, and COVID-19 has given the world a window of opportunity to show the peaceful comradeship that we seem to be lacking. Cannabis and products associated with the amazing plant have been displaying what cannabis can do to help deliver those characteristics. The Canadian cannabis industry is well established and here to stay, and as such, it is commendably stepping forward to do its part in the war against the enemy known as COVID-19.

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