China brags it has a cannabis boom yet still has the death penalty for cannabis use

Published Jun 7, 2019 09:30 a.m. ET
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Nearly half of the world’s legal hemp is grown in China. The cannabis industry sales reached around $1.2 billion in 2018 and can be attributed to the textile fiber produced from the plants stalk.

Moving forward, the global demand for other parts of the plant, the seeds, leaves, and flowers is booming also. The seeds are full of the beneficial fatty acids that we need. The seeds are combined in snacks and used for oil. The leaves and the flowers hold the medicinal CBD component. This is the non-psychoactive agent that is beneficial in reducing inflammation and anxiety among other medical conditions. Food, drinks, and cosmetics from the West use this cannabinoid for their products. The first CBD medicine approved for aiding epilepsy occurred in the USA in June 2018.

The hemp plant is not new to China; in fact, history dates back to 2,800BC when it is documented to have been used for rope. However, until a few years ago the cultivation of the plant was out-lawed. The cannabis trafficker could face penalties of death if caught.

Look at China now; they produce many of our technical products, they produce famous name running shoes, now the country wants to be your cannabis grower and supplier.

Two of the regions in China are growing marijuana for its CBD qualities. The cannabis industry and its products are a hot commodity, that is wanted in the United States and other western countries.

The two southern regions in China continue to grow the plant for its CBD without the authority of the country. CBD has not been approved for consumption in this country yet.

Hanma Investment Group; in China recently became the first company in Southern China to be given authority to extract the cannabinoid CBD. The chairman of the company sees the vision for cannabis extraction as a huge potential for growth. The stigma reducing and popularity of CBD in North America, due to the legalization in Canada, has helped to generate the popularity for this medicinal part of the plant. Cannabis use in North America indicates a bright future for China’s hemp cultivation. The company chairman does not for-see that in the near future there would be any changes in the legalities around cannabis use in his country, however. Cannabis has not been legal in China since 1985.


Hempsoul extracts cannabinol from the plants it produces on over 1600 acres in the Yunnan Province. The chairman of the company stands by the medicinal use of the product and states CBD as being very healthy for people.

To this day, The Peoples Republic of China forbids the use of illegal drugs, growing marijuana and cannabis use, punishable with heavy penalties including death if trafficking is involved in the charge.

The legalization of cannabis use, and the growing of marijuana in other countries has put China’s acceptance and legalization of cannabis use, even further out of reach. It appears the authorities are looking at even stiffer supervision of industrial cannabis growth.

Hempsoul being one of the four companies that were granted a license to process hemp for CBD, in China, has planted more than 36,000 acres.

Other provinces are joining in on the cultivation of cannabis, sending the companies’ stocks to soar on the Chinese Stock Exchanges, this sent signals that prompted regulators to quickly step in and restrict trading.

As we move forward in the medical field, the benefits of CBD do remain uncertain but positive.  CBD has been approved in the USA as a beneficial aid in treating two rare and severe types of epilepsy. As we speak the testing and studying for more beneficial uses for the drug continues.



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