Cannabis tourism is geared up to make a comeback

Published May 19, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET

The COVID era we are living through has left many of us depressed and anxious with a budding hope to travel. Could the cannabis tourism industry be the catalyst and leader to economic recovery for the world? The world of cannabis tourism and travel has been put on hold. However, vacation destinations that are proudly 420-friendly are now gearing up to make a budding comeback in the economy. Ideas are plentiful on how to kickstart cannabis tourism back into operation.

As more countries and states legalize cannabis, 420-friendly accommodations are in high demand. People have been in lock-down or a stay in place order, depending on where you reside, and it’s put restrictions on travelling. As a result, many countries are looking at cannabis tourism to help them return to a more economically secure future.


The first medical marijuana tours are ready to be launched in Southeast Asia. The Tourism, Sports, and Public Health ministries in Thailand are finalizing a draft program for the country’s plantations. The tour has a goal which is to help increase awareness of cannabis for medical needs by informing the public of the rules and regulations around the cannabis plant. As part of the cannabis tourism project, eight provinces with plantations could participate in the 420-friendly tour. The tour will focus on growing regulations and how farming cannabis can be a sustainable means of raising families.

Nevada is betting on a green comeback

Along with many different industries, the marijuana retail business is still recovering from the hardships inflicted by the pandemic. Nevada believes that the industry brings in around 685 million dollars per year. As an essential business, the doors remained open at these 420-friendly businesses. However, Nevada has still experienced hardships because cannabis tourism has suffered. Today the Nevada Dispensary Association is full of optimism as things become more positive, and cannabis tourism is re-opening with the virus better controlled.

Casinos in Nevada are looking ahead and project that the return of 100 capacity in their establishments will cement a full recovery for them. However, curbside sales have also been quite a success here. Optimism is spreading that Senate Bill 168 will see permanent curbside delivery and cannabis lounges for tourists who frequent the Nevada strip, which would become part of the cannabis tourism tours.

Juneau Alaska

If snow-capped mountains and lush forests are what you have been missing during this lockdown, Juneau is ready for you to visit their 420-friendly breath-taking destination. The passing of public consumption laws has enabled visitors to consume weed indoors at specific locations. Alaska reminds all visitors to keep a safe distance while utilizing the new law and partaking.

Cannabis wellness tourism is gaining popularity as we look for the light at the end of the tunnel. A vacation to a 420-friendly destination where cannabis is legal, and you can enjoy your high while doing yoga, aromatherapy, or holistic therapies is just what the doctor ordered. Cannabis tourism is ready, and so are the consumers who are waiting for the post-COVID 420-friendly travel adventures to begin.

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