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Published Sep 13, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis products can be a whole lot of fun, but with how hot the competition is these days, it can be hard to attract new, out-of-area customers. Whether you’re a consumer wondering about the deals that can be had, or a cannabis store owner looking for tips and tricks that can help to boost sales, these cannabis promos are where it’s at!

1. Flavour of the week sales

‘Flavour of the week sales’ don’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual taste of cannabis products unless, of course, a business owner wants them to, but having a rotating discounted good that changes just enough to stay exciting each week is the trick to maintaining consumers who are shopping on a budget or simply enjoy the thrill of some savings.

2. Holiday blowouts

Holidays can weigh heavy on the old pockets, as we dish out as much as we can to buy gifts and attend events. Even those that don’t cost us technically, cause a lot of people to lose money because they can’t work, and that’s why this is a great time to break out the big guns, a sale. Normally cannabis is expensive, so it isn’t the first thought when it comes to gift-giving, but if it’s made affordable, that can quickly change.

3. Swag giveaways

Sales will reel in consumers who want to try new products at a discounted cost and those who wish to stock up on their favourite strains, but swag giveaways act as free advertising while also equipping visiting stoners with some of the tools they might need to get the job done. Cannabis company lighters, grinders, hats or t-shirts, and any other swag can go a long way in making people happy, and then they’ll wear/use them with pride around all their friends, which is great for business.

4. Free samples

There is something about free stuff that just tastes better, and that is especially true with weed, where samples could be exotic higher-priced cannabis products that a lot of potential customers just haven't had the chance to try yet. Sometimes all it takes is a single taste and experience to reel a consumer in for life, and it all starts with a single free sample.

5. Loyalty programs

Cannabis businesses that are struggling to get regular customers who return with a predictable frequency might get the most out of offering loyalty programs. They don’t benefit brand new visitors but deals like make several purchases and receive $10 off, or a points system might be all that you need to get them to come back for more.

6. Buy one get one free

This is one of the least exciting promos on this list, but it does seem to boast some of the greatest results, especially for cannabis businesses. Of course, it’s also a pricey investment, which means that it’s something that won’t be offered all the time. Still, when it is, whatever makes it into the sale is sure to sell really well.

7. Birthday treats

Cannabis enthusiasts love great sales, free samples, loyalty programs, swag, and discounts on pretty much any day of the year, but if a cannabis business wants to make its regulars feel special, then the best way to do that is with birthday giveaways. Some dispensaries give a free gram or pre-roll, while headshops offer up discounts on select accessories like glass. It’s a great way for all parties to benefit from this special day, and it’s most appealing to long-time customers.

8. Referral programs

If a cannabis business already has a well-established, regular consumer base, then they might want to use promos that appeal to new customers, and there is no better way to do that than with referral programs. Generally, the referrer will get a few dollars off their next purchase, and in some cases, the referred will also score with a freebie or reduced cost, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

9. Daily specials

Daily deals can help a cannabis business to even out the flow of customers by enticing them to come on certain days to earn a generous discount on their favourite goods. ‘Shatterday’ Saturday is a commonly used one, but this could be compatible with any kind of cannabis product. Sunday Funday could offer a handful of swag or accessories like rolling papers, Indica Wednesdays could be for the herb. The names don’t really matter, and the deals to be had will significantly alter customer's shopping patterns.

10. Bulk deals

Legal weed has been a blast, and most consumers are more than happy to buy a gram or two each week, as it’s all they really need to achieve the experience they seek. However, most seasoned users are looking for the biggest bang for their buck, and that can be offered through selective bulk deals. It’s a great way to move pot products that aren’t selling well, and it helps customers to save money.

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