Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverage Company Zèle leads the way in Canada

Published Nov 21, 2022 11:52 a.m. ET
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Popping the cap off a Lemon-Lime Sativa craft soda by Zèle is satisfying, with a gentle fizz that dances up the sides of the glass bottle and an undeniable burst of fresh scent. It passes the smell test with flying colours, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

With a slightly cloudy look and warm yellow hue the drink is beautiful without artificial colours or flavours, and its taste is equally as impressive. A smooth, sweet rush with a gentle finish that’s lightly carbonated, and very reminiscent of lemonade with a sugary twist, and not a single hint of cannabis anywhere. It’s like a dream come true and the effects haven’t even set in yet.

In under 20 minutes those incredible sensations from the full-spectrum THC combination are beginning to set in, but it’s not an overwhelming feeling. In fact, though it’s subtle, the 10mg THC dose is a great choice for both new and experienced users.

Inspired by love

Zèle’s co-founder, Callum Hanton, always loved the sweet comfort of soda, an interest that would only blossom after uncovering an old pharmacy textbook that once belonged to his great grandfather at the age of 7 years old.

His adoration for soda formulation evolved over the next 13 years into something deeper and even greater, after legalization, but prior to regulated edibles being available Callum was motivated to make a soda to help with his mom’s health, as she wasn’t interested in smoking cannabis, but was interested in the health benefits of cannabinoids. With that inspiration, Callum relentlessly crafted the best tasting cannabis-infused soda.

It was then he began truly pushing the frontiers of the craft, by developing a process to hide the taste of cannabis completely without sacrificing all of the other wonderful elements within the plant.

What began as a mission to create the best cannabis-infused drinks for his mom, led to the inception of an innovative new technology that makes the production of tasteless full-spectrum beverages possible.

What makes these tasteless full-spectrum drinks so special?

The top-secret proprietary nanoencapsulation infusion technology used in the making of every Zèle craft beverage is unique and sophisticated. This process envelopes cannabinoids in a flavour bubble to not only eliminate the taste of cannabis but also to deliver greater stability to customers – enhancing the experience in a way never before seen in the Canadian beverage space.

With reliable dosing in each bottle and fast-acting effects (I experienced effects in under 30 minutes), Zèle drinks defy the impossible in an artisanal balancing act. This is a company that takes craft beverage formulation seriously.

The syrup is brewed in small batches, undergoing stringent, in-person quality and flavour checks along the way, using only high-quality, unprocessed, natural, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly ingredients. Zèle full-spectrum craft sodas also preserve minor cannabinoids and terpenes, creating a unique “high”.

With unique aromatic aspects of each batch, influenced greatly by cannabis plant genetics hand-selected to complement the flavour profile of each kind of soda, consumers have the pleasure of indulging in a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

All of this is accomplished in-house to achieve and maintain only the highest expectations and the best tasting drinks.

“We don’t grow plants. We don’t make bottles. We do everything else.” (Callum Hanon – Zèle Co-founder)

Zèle products

This futuristic lineup of delicious craft beverages embodies culture, craft, and the belief that anything is possible. Packaged in recyclable glass bottles with child-resistant caps, each handbrewed masterpiece offers a discreet, new choice that is incredibly enjoyed alone, or in the company of good friends. All you need is a bottle opener.

Zèle isn’t just a craft company, it’s a place introducing full-spectrum, psychoactive flavours to optimize and enhance any situation.

The benefits of full-spectrum, Sativa, and Indica options

Zèle’s full-spectrum cannabis drinks contain many of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, which work in synergy with one another to create the entourage effect. Because of this, consumers are able to get more out of each experience.

Another important aspect of Zèle’s beverage lineup is the choice between Sativa and Indica formulations.

Indica cultivars are typically considered to be better for certain situations, like when you’re ready to go to sleep, or when you need to relax after a really stressful day at work. Sativa on the other hand boasts gentler, often more invigorating effects that may be better suited to a night out, a hike, or any other scenario that calls for a more uplifting sensation.

With 10mg of THC, day and night options, and 6 different full-spectrum flavours in Sativa and Indica, these well-crafted favourites offer the best of both worlds all in one place.

Learn more about these fantastic craft beverages by visiting drinkzele.ca or following Zèle on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



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