Cannabis edibles are selling out fast in Nova Scotia

Published Jan 13, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Scotians are buying up all of the edibles, which is exciting news for the rest of Canada. Soon edibles will be available all over this beautiful country. On December 23, a small shipment of edibles, tea’s, chocolate, gummies, and vaping products were released. That was on a Monday and by Friday, they were all sold out!

Some stores still have tea’s and vape products that can be purchased, but if you are looking for some magical chocolate, you are going to have to wait till after the new years, but of course, you can still buy weed at the dispensary. Must have been a thrilled Christmas for Nova Scotia!

Edibles selling out in Nova Scotia is just a little glimpse of what is to come. A new wave in the industry for sure as many places are getting ready for the first craze of edibles. It is going to be a good one for all involved. The industry is gearing up for the high demand, which should peak with significant momentum at some point in 2020.

What about Ontario

Toronto dispensaries will be allowed to sell some yummy THC treats just before Christmas, so the new year is going to be a good one for those that enjoy a THC infused snack! Here in Ontario, we have the right number of dispensaries so with any luck, and they are preparing for the rush of cannabis-infused edible purchases.

Health Canada has already set the rules for selling infused goodies and like any good business, they are sure to be on top of the regulations, so there shouldn’t be any hold-ups on the follow-through. We will have the legal right to all kinds of extracts teas, gummies, chocolate, cookies, and anything else you can imagine THC or CBD in.

It is going to be a very high year, my friends. The laws are finally in our favour. It will also mean pot stocks are going to be impacted by this as profitable add to the already flourishing industry. All of you who are investors might want to keep that in mind. So, you may be asking yourself, is there a dispensary near me? There are 25 + in Ontario, which means that there is bound to be one in your neck of the woods.



The price of some edibles can be costly. So, it is always wise to keep an eye for a good sale. Buying in bulk has always been an excellent way to buy, and there are sure to be some deals of sorts. That is if they can keep enough on the shelves.

Health Canada is moving quickly to approve as many dispensaries so they can keep up with the demand. Many licenced producers are submitting their products to health Canada and awaiting approval for different kinds of delightful edibles. So, keep your ears and eyes peeled they will be hitting shelves as soon as they are approved.

What an excellent time to be alive. First to see marijuana legalized for recreational use, and now edibles are legal to along with different tinctures. It's been a year full of significant achievements, and many lives have changed because of it no more hiding away trying to use a God-given miracle plant that has an abundance of healing qualities and so many different uses. So, keep yourself informed as we move forward into the cannabis edibles craze. It is going to be a great year!

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