Cannabis dispensaries offer reduced contact sales to stay safe

Published Apr 4, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Since most regions have deemed alcohol and cannabis dispensaries as essential services, many have chosen to stay open despite the risks that both employees and customers are facing in the middle of this pandemic. Advocates everywhere are praising the move, with jokes and memes flowing about how quickly cannabis went from illegal to essential, and most would agree that this is a powerful and historical move, but many are still questioning what is being done to keep everyone safe while they continue to serve the public.

Reduced contact dispensary sales precautions

Now, if you have any idea how many people it takes to maintain the consistent flow of cannabis from greenhouses to producers and then dispensaries, then you likely already know that there is no way to avoid human contact with your products entirely. However, many are getting creative with interesting ways to reduce contact between those who handle the products and the customers who eventually buy them.

Here, we’re going to highlight some of the most effective and highest praised actions taken by cannabis store owners everywhere to keep the public and employees safe from COVID-19, because even we were surprised by the great lengths that some are going, in order to do their part by continuing sales for those who need it, and slowing the spread of the virus that is plaguing countries from all corners of the globe.

1. Gloves

Plastic gloves are no guarantee against COVID-19, but they do help to reduce contact between individuals and packages when they are in transit. Your budtenders weed delivery drivers, and everyone else down the chain of command are wearing gloves to protect themselves and you from the virus.

2. Masks

Typically, the only people that we see wearing masks work in specialized fields like healthcare, dentistry, and personal beauty consultants, but now it is not uncommon to see them on the people who are running things at dispensaries. Drivers, vendors, and even postal workers who often drop off weed deliveries are wearing masks to reduce the risk during a transaction.

3. Weed delivery

The option of front door delivery is a seriously useful tool right now because it reduces the flow of foot traffic into every cannabis dispensary. Since social distancing is not always possible or practical in this kind of setting, most vendors are reducing contact by offering weed delivery, be it through Canada Post, or from privately hired delivery drivers, so that you don’t even have to leave home.

4. Curbside pickup

Not long ago, our laws and regulations did not allow for open sales of cannabis from a parking lot or front porch, but unprecedented times call for equally extravagant measures, and most dispensaries now have the blessing of their local government to conduct business this way. With curbside pickup, you browse online or place your order in person from a parking spot and in no time, a budtender will bring your order to your car to reduce contact and to save you from having to exit your car.

5. Maximum customer limits


Not every region is quite so progressive, which means that some dispensaries are forced to work within the parameters of their storefront, which makes it challenging to reduce contact, but not impossible. To tackle this new issue, most owners that are staying open are limiting the number of customers that can enter the store at any given time and enforcing social distancing recommendations of at least 2 meters between all people.

6. Social distancing standards enforced and encouraged

We touched on how dispensaries are enforcing social distancing measures indoors, but even those that are offering weed delivery are following strict guidelines of at least two meters between people. To do this, most are encouraging customers to accept contactless drop-offs that don’t require money or a physical touching while handing over goods.

7. Going cashless

It’s kind of hard to physically pay for a weed delivery in cash when you can’t safely get close to the person while still abiding by social distancing guidelines, and that is why so many dispensaries are moving towards contactless methods of payment. Money has long been known as a germ carrier, so right now, options like paying online, or through e-transfer, are much safer for everyone involved.

8. Rigorous sanitization

This extra step doesn’t cut down on your contact with other people, but it definitely helps to reduce harmful germs like those of COVID-19, and that is why most dispensaries like other functioning stores have adopted strict policies that include frequent sanitization of high traffic areas such as countertops, or debit pads.

9. Bulk orders

These times are hard for a lot of people, as every single day people lose their jobs due to the lockdown, which means that money is getting tighter, but since cannabis dispensaries are experiencing such incredible levels of sales, and they want to help to reduce contact by giving you enough to avoid extra trips, most are offering excellent bulk deals to assist customers who are trying to stock up for a couple of weeks.

10. Drive-thru services

Drive-thru windows don’t avoid human contact entirely, but they do significantly reduce the risk, as there are few to no surfaces for customers to touch to spread germs. Unfortunately, these locations are still often equipped with debit pads, which is great for accessibility. But not so much for germs, so make sure to wipe it down if you do happen to need it. Regardless, this is an efficient and relatively risk-free way to buy cannabis during this pandemic.

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