Cannabis delivery is so much more than a convenience

Published Nov 20, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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There have been so many more important conversations around the topic of cannabis delivery as of late, mainly due to the pandemic. The government's fear of people getting too close to each other seemed to be strong enough to alleviate whatever concerns they had about the potential “risks” of conducting cannabis businesses outside of heavily monitored storefronts, and now that consumers have had a taste, they’re demanding that it stay for good.

Unlike most things that have come from this uncertain 18 months, weed delivery was a clear win, even if only temporary, for the industry and those it serves, but it’s not just the convenience factor that’s important here. In fact, this one simple and controversial service may play a much more integral role in the success of established legal cannabis dispensaries than most people realize.

1. It’s a service

Cannabis dispensaries are incredibly limited in what they can do or offer to consumers due to laws that clearly lay out what is and is not acceptable, and the majority are all pulling products from the same source, the government, which leaves very little room for profits to be made. Weed delivery, however, is an extra service that could expand opportunities for store owners and employees by bringing in more revenue.

2. Competition

If all cannabis stores buy their products from the same place, and they all have similar prices, designs, and offerings, then how does a single location stand out in a crowd? The truth is that it’s really difficult to do, especially in saturated markets where there is ample competition trying to make it big. Cannabis delivery is one option that could be utilized by store owners to get a leg up on competitors by offering additional convenience, and that’s good for everybody.

3. Accessibility

There are still millions of people who reside in legal regions that do not have safe, consistent, or reliable access to a dispensary, and that’s a serious issue, but it’s also important to remember that many do not drive or have anyone to help them to make this journey. Many medicinal patients are not physically capable of shopping for weed, and they should certainly have the option of delivery.

4. The luxury of online menus

Some people still get nervous at the idea of buying cannabis, and even those that don’t might be afraid to take too long in deciding on a strain or product. For these people, the only way to garner enough confidence to get them to part with their hard-earned dollars is to show them what you’ve got. If a pot shop has specialty items, some people will travel for miles just to get them, so it’s a great sales tool.

5. Job creation

The cannabis industry has added thousands of new jobs to the market, creating brand new opportunities for people to work with something they love for fair wages, and expanding operations will add thousands of brand new delivery jobs to the list.

In the end, this transition is one that will benefit everyone, including those who choose not to be directly involved with cannabis.

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