Cannabis companies who are taking a green approach

Published Dec 13, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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While we have many companies keeping up with the growing cannabis demand, it is interesting to look at how they are considering the environment while they do it. Things like the lights, temperature control, and air circulating fans use lots of energy, so it is important to keep track of which companies are doing their part to maintain the environment.

Greenhouses in Canada are generally more efficient than indoor crops. With more than 130 cannabis producers in Canada and a climate that’s dark and cold most of the year, producers are having to depend on artificial lights, to replace the sun's natural UV’s. That means that they also need fans, heating, and cooling controlled humidity for then the cannabis plant is thirsty, so we need to look at water consumption as well. The energy used for an indoor operation is significant for both the producers and the environment. This is not an easy task as the consumer demand for fresh cannabis is rising.

At the Niagara, a perpetual harvest facility, Canntrust bring to the table more than forty years of experience in the cannabis industry. One exciting aspect of Canntrust is its cogeneration system that reduces cost and energy consumption and gives the maximum capability in regards to heat and power. Allowing the company to keep production costs down while knowing that renewable power must be that primary focus.

Sun Grows holds the very first patent for recyclable child-resistant packaging. Sun Grow boxes are one of the only ones that do not contain plastic, but unfortunately, eco-friendly does not mean that the packaging is cheap, it merely indicated that they take pride in being a sustainable company. Their facility has natural sunlight inputs, and the roof and walls are all transparent which lowers production cost and saves energy.

How can we have more sustainable indoor operations

Companies across Canada are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • CHP is a very efficient technology that produces electricity and takes the heat that would have been lost and produces a thermal energy.

  • LED lighting is another way producers are using less energy and still gaining optimal growth without needing HVAC systems.

  • There is also a recyclable movement happening in the cannabis industry, as well. Tweed has joined in with TerraCycle to become more environmentally friendly by making it possible to recycle the packaging at any of their locations across Canada. This is a piece of fantastic cannabis news considering the amount of packaging that is used in the marijuana market.

    While many cities across Canada due recycle al lot of times, the black plastics are often rejected. At Tweed’s Tokyo Smoke dispensary, you can recycle all packaging, and TerraCycle will recycle them into new products. Being sustainable also means water consumption growing cannabis is a thirsty business. The use of rain barrels is a great way to reuse water. The more eco-friendly the company, the lower production costs are, and that is valuable when it comes to investing in marijuana stocks giving investors more bang for their buck.

    Cultivating high volume crops that are environmentally friendly and keeping production costs down is not an easy task. It is a work in progress and advancing nicely with so many new technologies being discovered. The great thing is we are all trying our best, and with recycling programs like TerraCycle, we are heading in the right direction. Sustainability is an essential key to reducing our carbon footprint.

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