Cannabis beer seems to be on the way but will it contain alcohol?

Published May 26, 2019 11:25 a.m. ET

The cannabis industry is seeping into all aspects of food and beverage businesses. From edible foods to cannabis-infused drinks, they are set to explode on to the market. October 17, 2019 is the day that edibles will be legally available in stores in Canada.

The problem with cannabis infused beer being added to the menu is that cannabis metabolizes differently than alcohol does. Alcohol is known to be water soluble, where marijuana is not. Cannabis infused beer has its problems in presenting to the public, the onset of the effects from infused beer takes longer to be noticed, and the experience lasts longer.

Marijuana news regarding infused beer is slowly getting out of the gate. The scientist and brew-master agree that the onset effect is a major priority that needs to be sorted out. The cannabis and beer industry have been using a system known as nano-emulsification, which will enable the cannabis to mix with a water compound. The efficiency of this project should be the ability for the active ingredients to be spread evenly and be absorbed into the blood-stream quicker than when digested.

Two Roots Brewing Company has perfected the cannabis infused brew to kick in around the 10-minute mark and wear off after about 90 mins.

A Canadian company; Province Brands looks at a new concept for delivering a cannabis infused beer. They do not use the traditional barley. Instead, they use the whole plant, marijuana stalks roots, and stems of the plant are the basis of the beer.


Ceria Beverages takes another approach to provide cannabis infused beer. The non-traditional beer company is looking to provide a gently altered consciousness through non-alcoholic beverages. Ceria has plans to deliver a THC infused lager. The company states that the beer will have a low THC content, enabling the consumer to enjoy more than one beer without getting stoned. A wonderful bonus from this company is the provision of a decent stone without the dreaded hangover effects or the promise of no beer gut.

With interest from big alcohol companies being peeked at providing cannabis infused drinks, more research and development time will be provided for the testing that is necessary.

Realistically, smoking a joint is no longer the preferred method of consumption. Edibles and infused beverages like beer are set to explode onto the legal market. It is estimated that the traditional beer industry could be looking at a revenue loss around 2 million per year.

As the date looms ever closer for the legalization of marijuana edibles enabling us to purchase our gummies and other enjoyable goodies legally, the emerging big beer industry is ready and waiting to serve you.  However, do not count out the smaller craft breweries that may change the way we look at beer. Alcohol content will not be looked at instead it will be the cold non-alcohol beverage providing a nice buzz that is not labelled as beer that will quench your thirst. Remember to be responsible when consuming cannabis products and enjoy!



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