Canadians views on cannabis since legalization

Published Aug 21, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Canada is the second country following Uruguay to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2018, which was a major change to the Canadian drug laws. Canada's decision since then has been influential to advocates for legalization in the United States.

Since marijuana legalization in Canada, many cannabis industry businesses have been established to provide consumers with different types of marijuana products. Canadians were long awaiting the legalization of marijuana use, and now that it legal, they have mixed opinions on the full spectrum of legalization.

It is all because marijuana use for recreational purposes has been legalized, but only dried flower and oil was available to the public. Now businesses and advocates are awaiting the legalization of marijuana edibles for consumption.

In October of this year, the government announced that marijuana products such as edibles will be legal on the market for consumption. However, the purchase and sale of these products will not take place until mid-December of 2019.

Views on marijuana legalization

Many people have made claims or assumptions that the legalization of cannabis on a wider scale to include edibles will affect the country socially and economically. A recent study from the Dalhousie University has found that Canadians have not changed their views regarding marijuana legalization.

Canadians are still in support of legalization. However, the study found out, interestingly, Canadians are not so eager for the legalization of marijuana edibles.

Legal dried cannabis flower

The legalization of dried cannabis flower was a big event last year, and the government aimed to ensure legalization did not equal regularization. However, setbacks in low supply of cannabis and a high demand has caused the black market to continue to thrive.


Availability of edibles

Though the Dalhousie University study may not have found edibles to be a major concern for Canadians, there are still many Canadians that are awaiting the availability of cannabis on the Canadian market. Sales of edibles are estimated to reach over four ($4) billion dollars by 2022. That is a lot of money for only one section of the cannabis industry, and Canadians will be interested in seizing the opportunity to earn from this industry.

The availability of edibles on the market is still a matter of concern as it relates to public health and safety. Marijuana can made into edibles such as cookies and candies. Unfortunately, most these edibles appeal to children, so there is the concern about the risks it may pose to youth.

Lack of knowledge on CBD

The Dalhousie study also showed that many Canadians are not aware of the benefits of CBD. Less than half of the respondents from the survey knew that CBD is non-psychoactive. This shows that some members of the public may have mixed opinions about cannabis edibles because of a lack of knowledge.

The legalization of cannabis edibles will not lead to significant changes in the views of Canadians on cannabis. Overall, Canadians on a large scale, accept and welcome the legalization of cannabis. More public education on cannabis edibles may be required.

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