Canadian cannabis companies aren’t quite ready to sell edibles

Published Feb 4, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Most people have been patiently waiting for edibles to hit the shelves at their local dispensary. It has been a long wait for those that prefer to consume edibles as opposed to smoking. As of late December, edibles were legal in Canada, and consumers were awaiting the opportunity to purchase them.

The OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) sold out in just a few hours after the first launch. There are still minimal products available at the physical stores in Ontario. Edibles sold out, and vapes are very limited as well. The Ontario cannabis store is usually 20% cheaper than purchasing at a dispensary, although they do have a delivery charge when ordered online. There is a significant need for dispensary prices to come down because the non-regulated market seems to look more appealing when you are trying to save a buck.

The word out there is that beverages, edibles, vapes, and oils are going to be most of the market with expert predictions saying they will equate to at least 50% of sales. Those companies that do have the edible products available will have a definite advantage. The Ontario Cannabis Store has more than 70 products now available online. Those include vapes, oils, teas, chocolates, soft chews, and mints. Beverages are not online as of yet because Canopy Growth was not quite ready, and they pride themselves on quality, so in this case, patience will pay off.

List of companies to watch for that are making cannabis beverages

  1. The Alkaline Water Company
  2. Bevcanna
  3. Hexo
  4. Sproutly Canada INC.

These four companies, along with Canopy Growth, of course, are all planning on launching a beverage line. You may want to keep an eye open for these companies as the cannabis stocks might be of some interest to the investors out there. The beverages are bound to be a significant money-maker, and with any luck, there will be not too much of a wait. Just remember all the good things take time.

If you are not familiar with marijuana, you may be asking what are edibles?


Edibles are food products that have been infused with cannabis, but they have many different grades as far as dose. When and if you decide that edibles are what you want, you can ask at your local dispensary about the different levels of THC and CBD. The benefits that you are hoping to get from your edibles will significantly influence the THC and CBD levels that you will need.

There is already an array of different edibles on the market, and you can be sure that many more are on the way in the future. Always ask your doctor before medicating or adding to your medication. They may be able to give you some excellent guidance as to whether it’s the appropriate choice for you.

This year is maybe starting slowly in regards to edibles and beverages, but the market is new, and usually, a new industry will take a little ironing out, so this is sure to pass. The demand just wasn’t expected, and now that the fog has cleared, everyone will be working to improve the lack of edibles available on the market. This change will hopefully bring about some competition as far as pricing goes. Otherwise, keep your ears peeled and get ready for a great abundance of some very amazing products to come.

Arizona tea maker considers entering the edibles market in Canada


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