Canadian airline workers not allowed to use marijuana

Published Jun 12, 2019 01:35 p.m. ET
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Cannabis news is buzzing over some Canadian airline’s position taken towards cannabis use for their employees. Air Canada, a large airline company, refuses to allow certain personal to indulge in the use of legal marijuana. Their policy is for a drug-free, alcohol-free working environment. The consuming of cannabis is strictly prohibited on the property or while on duty. Employees will not report to work under the influence of cannabis.

Air Canada goes a step further with employees working in safety-critical areas, this will include aircraft maintenance workers, and flight operation employees, they are prohibited in using cannabis on or off the job, at no time can they have cannabis in their system.

Transport Canada has announced a new policy around the use of cannabis, resulting in some Canadian airlines reviewing their drug/alcohol policy pertaining to cannabis use, and have since announced that flight crews are forbidden to consume cannabis 28 days before flying or attending for duty. This policy was announced in June 2019. West Jet is another Canadian company that has also banned employees that are in sensitive positions, from using cannabis while off duty.

Transport Canada stands by the policy they have in place for dealing with the fitness for duty concerns, relating to air travel, marine, and motor vehicle modes of transportation.

The use of cannabis can cause longer lasting impairments that can affect the actions, and the judgment of the flight crew, including the pilots. Using cannabis will disqualify a person in obtaining a medical certificate, needed for flying or controlling an aircraft.

There are methods for how to get marijuana out of your system. These include fast-acting THC detox kits. For the first time user, it will take about a week for the cannabinoid THC to leave your system. For heavier users, two to four weeks is needed to detoxify your system. The best and the surest way to remove any trace of THC from your system is to stop using. Eating healthy and maintaining a regular exercise program will help to disperse the THC cannabinoid from your system.

Some products that can assist in the detoxification are:

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• Urinate at least 4 or 5 times before giving a sample for testing

Some simple ways that can assist you in learning how to get marijuana out of your system, perhaps necessary for passing a drug test for employment:

• Plan your detoxing; it takes time
• Avoiding alcohol beverages
• Consume plenty of pure water to help flush out toxins, recommended amount six, sixteen ounces of water per day
• Avoid greasy or high-fat foods before you submit to the test

How to smoke marijuana involves personal preference, and whatever method of consuming you choose will show up in the testing for THC in your system. The Canadian airline industry does not care that you know how to smoke marijuana for your medicinal or recreational enjoyment, they have a zero tolerance, with no exceptions for employees in safety-sensitive positions, and plan to maintain the drug and alcohol policy that they have implemented for their employees.



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