Buddy's Place dispensary is now open in Nelson British Columbia

Published Jan 8, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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The manager of Buddy’s Place Cora Muller is relieved that the recreational dispensary is licenced and legal. While providing Cannabis jobs. She also likes to talk about how noteworthy it is and how this is an excellent achievement for tobacco enthusiasts.

Fortunately, in March 2019, the city granted Buddy's Place a temporary three-year downtown permit. This one was available due to perhaps the smart thinking of Councilor Anderson, who saw the better potential for Buddy's Place.

This movement would enable the business to pursue one of three options which one of which Buddy’s Place will be approved to open a recreational dispensary. Nelson BC that is also known as “ The Queen City,” is very well known for its historical buildings from the glory days of the regional silver rush. Today Nelson is looking for a different kind of rush the green rush.

Reasons for the wait

The Green Room and Nelson Potorium won a lottery for the other spots available downtown; there were two. This situation left Buddy's Place, looking at what could be theirs from the wrong side of the looking glass dispensary was awarded to another contender, Kootenay Cannabis Tree.

They were on the outside looking in the city and have zoning bylaws that only permit two recreational cannabis outlets. The city has approved three out of four applicants for cannabis stores. The perfect location for a recreational downtown, hence the reason for the lottery, there were three applicants left Buddy's place is Nelson's second recreational dispensary After a long one-year wait, and the Cannabis store has officially opened.

Some of the reasons for the long-anticipated opening of the dispensary involves the navigation of strict federal regulations. Some of the needed information included detailed background and financial checking. The manager says that the supplier for the store is located in Creston but notes that it will eventually be changing too.


Meanwhile, the recreational dispensary will make do with the suppliers they have. Muellner indicates that the craft industry is producing amazing products. She explained that a lot of the suppliers from the previous Leaf Cross business have applied and taken steps to make sure they are in the green rush also.

They would want to be involved by providing not just the community but also the province and possibly all of Canada through the craft micro-cultivation licenses.There appears to be a universal census of uncertainty in being able to maintain and grow the consumer base of the now legal recreational dispensaries.

Weed legalization has thrown a wrench in some of the former consumers who purchased the medical marijuana they needed from the dispensaries that were not legal. The prices that Buddy's Place and the other legal, licensed recreational dispensaries are charging cannot compete with the black-market prices.

People need to have access to their medicine if the funds available for them to get the required medicinal cannabis. It means that the need to purchase from the black market makes things difficult for the legal business.

As we awaken today, The Green Room and Nelson Potorium remains unopened, the store that wasn't supposed to get the ability to sell cannabis downtown. It is now creating cannabis jobs for the community, providing needed medicine for patients and recreational pleasure for those wanting to indulge legally.

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