Brampton welcomes the arrival of its’ second cannabis dispensary

Published Aug 3, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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14 Lisa St. Brampton Ontario, Canada, is the new home of Hobo Cannabis. The company is now the second legal retail dispensary in the city. Do you live in the countries ninth-largest city, and if so, does it seem strange that there have been only two new legal dispensaries within this area since April 2019? Well, don't worry, more are on the way.

Who is this new kid on the block?

Hobo Cannabis is aiming to make the buying of cannabis a relaxing, informative, and disarming human experience.  Hobo Cannabis roots are deep in a warm, pleasant service, attitude, and the delivery of exceptional products alongside an affinity for culture. The passion of the Vancouver based Hobo Cannabis is displayed in the modern retail brands' journey.

The company chose a name that would be noticed. According to Harrison Stoker, the introduction of a brand late in the cannabis game needed such drastic marketing to garner attention. The contemporary, functional, and simply designed dispensary covers a 2000 square foot space. The Brampton neighbourhood of Bramalea is providing residents with:

  • Recreational flower that comes in over two dozen strains that are available in 3.5g to large 28g bags.

  • Extracts come in many forms, and Hobo Cannabis can fulfill most of your dreams in this area. From the beautiful Kief to the best CBD oil and not forgetting to mention the shatter available at the dispensary, one can feel like a kid in a candy store.

  • Edibles are available in many different products. THC Citrus Water with the mouthwatering grapefruit and lemon flavours is infused with tasteless 2.5mg THC. If you prefer a soft chew candy as a cannabis infusion, the dispensary can satisfy your needs. For the chocolate lovers, the Bhang milk chocolate bar is a hit for many.

  • Vapes are available in a vape pen form or distillate cartridges. If vaping is new to you and this is perhaps your first experience with purchasing vape products, then you have come to the best dispensary. Hobo Cannabis has a great affordable starter kit just for you.

  • Accessories, so if you are looking for cannabis accessories, then you have found the correct place. The dispensary has a wide range of pipes from the Pinch Spoon Pipe, which sells for $15.00 to the Can Pipe, which retails for $88.00.

  • If you prefer to use a bong, then check out the variety of bongs that this dispensary carries. The Chongo Bong is a standard ceramic water pipe. It is handmade using food-safe natural materials, and each one is a masterpiece with no copies.

  • Alternative purchasing

    The Hobo Cannabis web page is informative, easy to navigate, and clean looking. If you cannot make it into the physical dispensary to purchase the absolute best CBD oil, then using the online method will be painless and rewarding.

    Passing thoughts

    Whether you are shopping to buy your cannabis flower or just browsing, the eye-catching design of the dispensary will have you intrigued. However, Hobo Cannabis has come under some criticism surrounding the name of the dispensary. Opening this new dispensary location has proven to fall under the same stigma as a HOBO.

    Residents of a Toronto neighbourhood Bloor court have taken to twitter to voice the negative attachment to the dispensary name, which is located two doors down from a drop-in center, which is operational 24 hrs. Time will tell if the small office of Jeff Donnelly will choose to change the name of this dispensary, and the 15 other stores spread across Ontario that are part of his vision.

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