BeeHigh Vital Elements will join the Newfoundland and Labrador market

Published Jul 13, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Corner Brook Newfoundland and Labrador is the birthplace of the first licensed producer of locally grown and processed legal weed in the province.  Under the new cannabis regulations, BeeHighVE became the first CanadianBeeHigh, after Vital Elements received the coveted license on November 16, 2018. Two years later, the company is now putting its product into local dispensaries. The approval from NLC (Labrador Liquor Corporation) and the support given to help the local craft companies to promote their products in a dispensary will help to boost the retail sales of cannabis in the province.


Ten thousand square feet of growing operations are located on the Highway. Rita Hall, the president and CEO of the company, is grateful for the support that the company has received from NLC. The local craft company is forging ahead into the retail sales sector, and Hall is feeling encouraged and looking forward to bringing locally grown products to consumers. The company’s goal is to keep everything local.

Locally grown strains

Cannabis stores in Newfoundland and Labrador will be treated to some locally grown cannabis strains, and many of them will be used to make THC edibles that the company has plans to provide in the near future.

1. Route 440

  • Hybrid strain
  • Medium to high-level THC content
  • A strong fruity smell of delicious orange, melon and lemon
  • Parents are Udub, Fruity Pepples OG and Mandarina

2. BeeBomb

  • Indica dominant
  • THC level around 20%
  • Mouthwatering grape smell
  • Parents are Hindu Kush and a pure Skunk strain
  • An earthy and pungent flavour

3. Vineland Diesel

  • Indica dominant
  • Medium to high THC level
  • Parents include Git, Scout Cookies and Diesel
  • Mouthwatering citrus aroma with earthy undertones and an amazingly sweet scent

4. Newfie Bullet

  • Sativa and Indica balanced strain
  • THC levels average between 16 to 21 %
  • Dense buds
  • Skunk and diesel aromas with hints of lemon are present

5. Captain Cooked

  • 50/50 Sativa and Indica hybrid
  • Delicious earthy aromas with nutty hues are enforced with lemon and lavender undertones
  • THC levels are high around 20%
  • Parentage belongs to Mendobreath F2 and Dosido strains

What’s the buzz?

One cannot forget the companies honey-producing sector. After all, the world's best honey is produced at the facility. The Newfoundland Bees are mite free, and so they give the company bragging rights on the production of the finest honey. The delicious Cannabis-infused edibles will be sold at the dispensary in Corner Brook Newfoundland.

The healthy bees are part of Hills' vision to have plans that will include backing local beekeepers to provide the honey and expose Newfoundland's healthy bees. Plans for the future of BeeHigh Vital Elements cannabis stores are for the provision of the dried flower product to enter the market first, then THC edibles will soon follow.

Final words

Beehighve's founder feels blessed with the sales deal reached with the NFL. She can now look forward to cash finally flowing in after millions of dollars spent and years of work. Rita Hall says that up until now, the company has not been making money. Time is crucial in her mind for bringing cash in and keeping people employed within the company while maintaining all operational needs. The land of weed and honey for Hall and her company looks promising.

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