AWARE-N-US launches partnered with Black Cannabis Equity Initiative

Published Feb 17, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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February is Black history month. AWARE-N-US, which was launched to elevate industry diversity, inclusion, and equity, is proud to be partnering this month with BCEI (Black Cannabis Equity Initiative).  AWARE-N-US, powered by BATCH, a new marijuana brand, was launched by MedPharm, one of the world’s leading medical marijuana manufacturers, compounding facilities, and R&D labs. BATCH is a purpose-driven, equity-focused, pop-up marijuana brand.

BCEI has a mission

  • Black Cannabis Equity Initiative is looking to collaborate with Colorado and Denver marijuana dispensaries and government leaders who are interested in inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities. These messages will be delivered through both programs and advocacy.

  • BCEI is a recognized leader in the advancement of marijuana diversity and equity by promoting sensible marijuana industry-community solutions.

  • Working close with Colorado legislators and cannabis industry leaders to keep them knowledgeable in making the necessary beneficial decisions for Colorado's residents and the cannabis industry.

  • The vision of BCEI is to be an active dialogue between the Black community and the Colorado marijuana industry. Being a bridge for community engagement and possible partnerships around cannabis equity is also included in the mission of BCEI. They advocate for community and Black business participation in the Colorado marijuana industry.

  • Opportunities will be provided for black businesses and communities to access programs in the Colorado cannabis industry.

Who is AWARE-N-US?

The new marijuana brand AWARE-N-US  has launched, and the company is partnering with some of Colorado’s top leading marijuana dispensaries with the hope to elevate industry diversity and inclusion. BCEI has been chosen as the first collaboration created to bridge the void between cannabis brands as well as all under-represented voices. AWARE-N-US was designed to inspire social change and social equity.

The company will be offering quarterly product drops. Each quarterly product drop, the company will donate 2 dollars from each sale that was made previously. The monies collected will be distributed to organizations that are working to increase and elevate Black, Indigenous, and any other underrepresented communities. Each quarter will see AWARE-N-US product drop coincide with those charitable partnerships. The Black Cannabis Equity Initiative collaboration will commemorate Black History Month with this brand’s launching.

African-American, coloured, Negro, and other slur names have been the labels attached to Black Americans in the US. However, there is a more inclusive term being used today: BIPOC. (Black Indigenous and People of Color). Protests across the United States against racism and police brutality have flooded social media platforms. AWARE-N-US, the new marijuana brand powered by MedPharm, wants to do its part to end today's institutionalized racism.  AWARE-N-US is powered by MedPharm's top-selling concentrate and vape brand, BATCH.

Final thoughts

It goes without saying that the (BIPOC) Black Indigenous and People of Color communities are not new to the reality of being disproportionately affected where marijuana-related offences and arrests are concerned, despite evidence of comparable use of weed from other groups. AWARE-N-US has set its sights on changing the weights on those scales to inspire social equality, which will deliver social balance.

AWARE-N-US and the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative are among those who help keep the green path open and fair for those who have been disproportionately affected economically or in any other way.

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